How Visage Technologies Is Using OpenVINO™ Toolkit to Reach New Levels of Face Tracking Performance

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Updated 3/3/2020
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Visage Technologies is a computer vision company founded in 2002 in Linköping, Sweden. It is the leading provider of specialized face tracking and analysis solutions applied to various fields such as marketing research, biometrics, games and entertainment, marketing and sales, automotive safety, health, and assistive technologies. The company’s primary product is the multi-platform software development kit visage|SDK that supports face and head tracking, gaze tracking, face recognition, and gender, age, and emotion estimation, along with industry leading support for all major platforms and embedded systems.

This whitepaper shows that using a highly optimized inference engine such as OpenVINO™ toolkit as an enhancement to the existing solution greatly improves the inference speed of the face tracking algorithm when compared to an implementation based on OpenBLAS.

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