From Blender to Unity

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Updated 10/3/2018
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Week 6


In this week we will focus along how we take the blender model to unity. Our target is to use the created molecule which is a pdb file apply import settings and then save the file and use it in Unity.


Our Team what they were trying

They were using the following technique

  1. ChemSpider
  2. Open Babel
  3. Blender
  4. Unity

Working on the process

We will open Blender,then import the pdb file in this case Fullerene and in the import settings we have the selections as follows.










Make sure the type of is selected as Mesh

Azimuth and Zenith as 24

Scaling factors balls 0.5 and distance 1













We will select the bonds option sector to 12 and radius to 0.1

Then we will import the structure.


The molecule takes the following format.

We will save it as a blend file.



Finally copy the blend file to Assets folder in unity.


We have covered the way how we bring the blender objects to Unity and the major part will continue.


The video for the week