Extending Rights for Users to Address Open Source Compliance Issues

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Updated 7/16/2018
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Intel is proud to join open source community efforts in committing to extend GNU General Public License (GPL) terms and give users the opportunity to correct license compliance issues.

As an active member of the open source industry for nearly two decades and a leader in Linux kernel development, Intel recognizes these efforts are rooted in strong community norms that encourage cooperation, reciprocity, and code sharing. An important part of that is a forgiving approach that allows users to address compliance errors without threat of harsh enforcement, which runs counter to community values, and where legal action is a last resort, once community efforts have been exhausted.

A fair cure period covering open source license compliance errors and mistakes was introduced in GPL version 3. Today Intel affirms our commitment to extend these protections to code licensed under GPL version 2 and Lesser GPL versions 2.1 and 2. Read the release to see language that Intel is joining other companies in agreeing to, consistent with the commitment adopted by key Linux kernel maintainers.

We invite everyone in the community to pledge to provide greater predictability and protection to users of open source software.

Doug Fisher, Intel Senior Vice President of Software and Services GroupDouglas W. Fisher is senior vice president and general manager of the Software and Services Group (SSG) for Intel Corporation. He has overall responsibility for software and software development at Intel worldwide, with the goal of enhancing computing and connectivity for Intel® architecture across the software ecosystem and providing end-to-end value from the device edge to the data center. Read complete bio.

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