Dynamically Linked IMSL* Fortran Numerical Library with Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit 2018

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Updated 4/9/2018
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Version : Intel® oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit 2018 for Windows Update 2, Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library (oneMKL) 2018 Update 2

Operating System : Windows*

Architecture: Intel 64 Only

Problem Description :

An application built by Intel®  oneAPI Base & HPC Toolkit for Windows 2018 Update 2 and dynamically linked with IMSL* Fortran Numerical Library will fail to start with an error message like:

"The procedure entry point mkl_lapack_ao_zgeqrf could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files(x86)\VNI\imsl\fnl701\Intel64\lib\imslmkl_dll.dll. "

The cause of the error is that symbols removal in oneMKL 2018 Update 2 breaks its backward compatibility with binaries dynamically linked with an old version of oneMKL such as IMSL* Fortran Numerical Library.

Resolution Status:

It will be fixed in a future product update. When the fix is available, this article will be updated with the information.

There are three workarounds available to resolve the error:

  1. Link IMSL Fortran Numerical Library statically
  2. Link IMSL Fortran Numerical Library without making use of oneMKL, which may have some performance impact
  3. Use an older version of oneMKL DLL such as oneMKL 2018 update 1 by putting them into PATH setting at runtime