Coarse Pixel Shading with Temporal Supersampling

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Updated 1/1/2018
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In this sample we extend coarse pixel shading with a temporal supersampling scheme that notably improves image quality and provides substantial reduction in shading cost compared to checkerboard rendering.

The BISTRO scene

Figure 1. The BISTRO scene

  • While CPS reduces the shading up to 4x, it also results in a loss of texture detail and shader aliasing (around shadows, etc).
  • Our technique temporally reconstructs shading samples while preserving the full visibility information.
  • This provides some benefits over 2x checkerboard rendering (CB), which has twice the perframe shading but only half of the visibility samples.
  • It is even simpler to implement than checkerboard rendering, with no need for explicit sample resolving and grid rotation. Given a CPS support (either from 4xMSAA based emulation or native hardware support), you just need to convert your TAA shader to TS (temporal-supersampling) shader with a few steps. See the document of “Convert_TAA_to_TS.pdf” in the CPST_Demo download for details.


Published in i3D 2018

Research Area: Rendering, decoupled shading, anti-aliasing.

Submitted version (ACM DL)

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