FOSS Content Creator Series: Is your content considered "Free Cultural Works"?

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Updated 1/11/2019
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  • What is Free Culture?
  • What are Free Culture works?
  • What icons?
  • Do I qualify?
  • What is Free Culture Trust?

What is Free Culture?

Media content freedom.

"Free culture is a growing understanding among artists and audiences that people shouldn't have to ask permission to copy, share, and use each other's work; it is also a set of practices that make this philosophy work in the real world." - Karl Fogel (SVN* developer)

What are Free Culture Works?

Freely reusable.

What icons?

The icon for Free Cultural works is found at the Creative Commons*.

approved for free cultural works seal

A working example:

These Videos for Inference are all considered Free Cultural Works. Based on the licensing, the videos for inference are considered free cultural works.


Do I qualify for "approved for Free Culture Works"?

4 Factors of Free Culture.

The following sections describe the four characteristics of free cultural works. For more details, visit the Creative Commons.:

Freedom to use the work itself.

The work can be used without restrictions. Make copies, convert formats, port to use on different devices.

Freedom to use the information in the work for any purpose.

The information is free. For example, a video tutorial can be built upon for future or other works.

Freedom to share copies of the work for any purpose.

Share with others, even if they use it commercially.

Freedom to make and share remixes and other derivatives for any purpose.

Edit or transform the work and share the deriv. This could include translations, transcribing, and even fanfiction.

The no derivatives (ND) licenses are not considered Free Cultural Works.

More information: What is the Free Culture Trust?

The free culture trust is a group of individuals and organizations that support free culture works.

  • Creative Commons*
  • Free Culture Foundation*
  • Question Copyright*
  • Wikimedia Foundation*
  • Internet Archive*

More information: