A Scalable Path to Commercial IoT Solutions

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Fast Track Your Development Cycle from Prototype to Production

Get to your development goal with hardware, software, and data solutions that work together seamlessly, at scale — and securely. From the cloud right out to the edge, Intel® IoT Technology offers a complete ecosystem for the connected future.

A Smarter World—for Every Enterprise

Moving forward is easier when you don’t have to innovate from scratch. Our complete dev kits, comprehensive code libraries and more start you off with a suite of flexible solutions that scale quickly. Intel offers SDKs, tools and samples to unlock core technologies for deep learning, computer vision, robotics and more for your platform, runtime, or language.


Create cutting edge display solutions by innovating and optimizing your in-store applications. Combine digital content streaming, personalized interactions, and media hardware acceleration into a digital signage platform you can manage remotely. 

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The factory of the future will be smarter and more automated than ever. Discover IoT solutions offered by Intel that support the rigorous requirements for programmable logic controllers (PLCs), Industrial PCs (IPCs), human machine interfaces (HMIs) and more.

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Computer Vision

Expand the capabilities of your computer vision system with the latest in HD graphics, real-time video encoding and transcoding, scalable video streaming and storage, video analytics, and artificial intelligence.

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Smart Home

Smart home solutions enable you to interact and customize your home through responsive controls, natural language processors, personal assistants, cloud services and networks that simplify everyday tasks. 



Automated driving starts with a suite of end-to-end capabilities developed by Intel. Use SDKs to draft and implement scalable, interoperable automated driving solutions, in-vehicle media experiences, and interactive user interfaces.


Move Beyond Proof of Concept and Start Gaining Insight Right Away

Build a functional prototype with a scalable Intel® IoT Gateway that does a lot more than just handle communication between local sensors and remote users. Use these pre-integrated hardware and software solutions to also collect and analyze data from the edge to the cloud—regardless of your performance and scalability requirements, or thermal and space constraints.

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Industrial solutions can be deployed on the same hardware that is used to develop and prototype solutions! When using the Up Squared* Grove IoT Development Kit professional developers can rapidly develop and deploy solutions without transferring the solutions to other .

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FPGAs are playing a more important role in IoT. Take advantage of hardware and software programmability, security, and high-performance features by using FPGA kits powered by Intel.

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Get everything you need to prototype your way through business challenges with dev kits that work right out of the box. Choose the kit that matches your unique requirements, and in one package you'll have a platform for developing and deploying, complete with IDE, sensors, libraries, and cloud connectors.

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Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Developers can leverage a variety of SDKs to help enable their IoT solutions. Intel offers a number of SDKs, including:

Intel® Computer Vision SDK (Intel® CV SDK)

Use this SDK to develop and deploy vision-oriented solutions for autonomous vehicles, digital surveillance cameras, robotics, and mixed-reality headsets.

Intel® Media SDK

Use this SDK to develop media applications on Windows* and embedded Linux* for fast video playback, encoding, processing, and video conferencing.

Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications

This SDK allows you to offload compute-intensive parallel workloads to Intel® Graphics Technology.

Deep Learning Training Tool Beta

Use this SDK to develop and train deep-learning solutions using your own hardware.

Intel® Math Kernel Library

Accelerate math processing routines to increase application performance and reduce development time

Intel® FPGA SDK for OpenCL™ software technology

Implement applications onto FPGAs easily, and write hardware-accelerated kernel functions in OpenCL C*.


More SDKs.

An IDE that Supports Consistency and Portability

Purpose-built for rapid code development in IoT environments, the Intel® System Studio is an Eclipse*-based IDE for developing in C++ or Java*. 


Intel® System Studio 2018 Beta Program

The IDE comes with built-in capabilities to easily integrate sensors via the UPM and MRAA libraries, templates, code libraries, samples, platform awareness, and other tools that work across the Intel® IoT Platform. Designed for IoT, the IDE is fine-tuned for embedded application performance, allows for easy sensor integration and is great for prototyping or production development. 

Arduino Create*

This cloud based IDE solution integrates with Intel® boards and libraries for C++ development to enable streamlined prototyping of Intel® architecture based commercial applications. Enhanced IDE capabilities include: support for Ubuntu* and Wind River Linux* operating systems, support for multiple sketches running concurrently, Amazon Web Services (AWS)* and Microsoft Azure* integration, built in SDK support, and the exporting of Arduino Create* projects to Intel® System Studio 2018 Beta.

Sensors & Supporting Software that Just Works

Gain access to hundreds of sensors and sensor kits for both prototyping and industrial-grade applications, purpose-built for just about any conceivable application. Thanks to the sensor library framework and platform detection, you’ll also get code samples that remain portable throughout the development cycle and as you scale up the enterprise.

UPM Sensor Library. >


Educational Tools

Get support throughout the development lifecycle in the form of education, instructional materials, and community.

Online Training

This includes How-tos, live and on-demand tutorial videos, and documentation.


Be among the first to learn about roadshows, webinars, conferences, hackathons, and workshops that offer hands-on practical experience.

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