Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit: Intel® Embree System Requirements

Published: 04/10/2020  

Last Updated: 12/09/2022

By Michael R Carroll


System requirements for the Intel® Embree component of Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit

Version History

Date Toolkit Version Component Version Major Change Summary
December 2022 2022.3.0 3.13.5 No Change
September 2022 2022.3.1 3.13.5 Bug Fixes
September 2022 2022.3 3.13.4 Apple* M1 NEON performance, TBB namespace, Intel® oneAPI DPC++ compatibility updates
April 2022 2022.2 3.13.3 Bug fixes
December 2021 2022.1 3.13.2 rcp accuracy, out of bounds geometry fixes, rtcGetGeometryThreadSafe function, BVH bugfixes
September 2021 2021.4 3.13.1 Bug Fixes
June 2021 2021.3 3.13.0 Feature Updates
March 2021 2021.2 3.12.2 Bug Fixes
November 2020 2021.1 3.12.0 Initial Release


Supported Operating Systems (Host and Target)

NOTE: The following distributions are supported by most components. These OS distributions are tested by Intel or known to work; other distributions may or may not work and are not recommended. If you have questions, access the Intel Community Forums when you need assistance.  If you have Commercial Support, create a support ticket.

Linux* Host

  • Ubuntu* LTS 22.04, 20.04
  • Rocky* Linux 8, 9
  • Arch Linux*
  • Red Hat* Enterprise Linux* (RHEL*) 8, 9
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server* (SLES) 15 SP3, SP4
  • Fedora* 36,37
  • Debian* 11
  • Amazon 2022

Windows* Host

  • Windows* 10
  • Windows* 11
  • Windows* Server 2019, 2022

macOS* Host

  • Intel® 64 based systems:
    • macOS* 12.0 Monterey
    • macOS* 13.0
  • Apple* M1 based systems:
    • macOS* 12.0 Monterey or higher

Supported Target Hardware Platforms

The following platforms are supported by most software components.

NOTE: Intel® 64 hardware platforms must support at least Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.2. Full software optimization is implemented for Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512. See to search device capabilities.

  • Intel® 64
    • Intel Atom® processors
    • Intel® Core™ processor family
    • Intel® Xeon® processor family
    • Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor family
  • ARM
    • Apple* M1

Software Requirements


  • Included: Intel® oneAPI Threading Building Blocks (oneTBB) 2021.5.0 or higher
  • Included: Intel® Implicit SPMD Program Compiler version 1.18.0
    • Required for Intel optimized code paths
  • A C99 and C++11 capable compiler (C++17 recommended)

Development Environment

Windows* OS:
  • Microsoft Visual Studio* 2019 or higher is recommended
  • XCode* & XCode* command line tools




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