Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library (oneMKL) : What's deprecated?

Published: 07/26/2012  

Last Updated: 12/04/2019

By Gennady Fedorov, Gennady Fedorov

Please see below for details on the deprecated functionalities in Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library (oneMKL).

Intel® oneMKL 2020

  • Deep Neural Network (DNN) component has been removed in this release.
  • The DFTI_COMPLEX_REAL storage scheme for 1D and 2D R2C FFTs is deprecated and will be removed in the next major release.
  • The pardiso_getenv and pardiso_setenv functions are deprecated and will be removed in the next major release.

Intel® oneMKL 2019

Intel® oneMKL 2018

  • MKL Sparse BLAS API is deprecated and will be removed into one of the next® oneMKL Release. Use oneMKL Inspector-executor Sparse BLAS API instead. 

Intel® oneMKL 2017

  • Removed pre-compiled BLACS library for MPICH v1; MPICH users can still build the BLACS library with MPICH support via oneMKL MPI wrappers.
  • The SP2DP interface library is removed.
  • The PGI* compiler on IA32 is no longer supported.
  • Installation on IA-32 architecture hosts is no longer supported, and the oneMKL packages for Intel® 64 architecture hosts include both 64-bit and 32-bit Intel IPP libraries.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux* 5.0 support is dropped

Intel® oneMKL 11.3 

The below-mentioned features are being deprecated in oneMKL 11.3.

Intel® oneMKL 11.2 

The mkl_p4p and mkl_vml_p4p libraries for IA-32 architecture and mkl_p4n and mkl_vml_p4n libraries for Intel® 64 architecture are no longer provided. These libraries contained optimizations specific to Intel® processors utilizing Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (Intel® SSE3). Intel SSE3 based processors are still supported through other highly-optimized oneMKL core libraries

Support for the following Operating Systems is deprecated and will be removed starting Intel® oneMKL 11.2 release

  • Windows XP*
  • Windows Server 2003*
  • Windows Vista*
  • Red Hat* Enterprise Linux* 5
  • SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server* 10

Removed *_MKL95 interfaces

  • Notice : *_MKL95 Interfaces are deprecated since MKL 11.0 Beta and will be removed starting MKL 11.2 Beta Release
  • Impact: If the user compiles the code with MKL 11.2, he/she will need to replace old names to new
  • Affected Components:
    • BLAS95
    • LAPACK95
  • Affected files/libraries/docs:
    • Renamed the following Modules:




  • Renamed the following subroutines :


_MKL95 => _F95

Old MKL domain names used for threading settings will be deleted

  • Old oneMKL domain names used for threading settings like MKL_ALL, MKL_BLAS, MKL_FFT, MKL_VML were deprecated since oneMKL 10.3.7
  • Affected Components:
    • BLAS
    • FFT
    • VML

Removed old method names & error codes in VSL

  • Notice: Old method names & error codes in VSL were deprecated since oneMKL 10.3 and will be removed starting MKL 11.2 Beta release
  • Description: Method names & error codes were modified to have the name structure better aligned across VSL (RNG, SS, Convolution/Correlation)

Function void MKL_SET_CPU_FREQUENCY (double*) is removed as it was a dummy function

Parameter MKL_AVX_ENABLE for the function " int mkl_enable_instructions(int)" was deprecated since oneMKL 10.3 and is now removed

DFTI parameter for the method DFTI_ERROR_CLASS was deprecated since oneMKL 10.1.1 and is now removed

Intel® oneMKL 11.0 

Intel® oneMKL 11.0 will have backward incompatibility with Intel® oneMKL 10.2 update 3
Open MP static library on Microsoft* Windows
GMP* Arithmetic functions
Intel® oneMKL Reference Manual will be removed from product package
• Intel® Pentium® III Processors will no longer be supported
• Red Hat* EL4 and PGI* FORTRAN 10.x support will be dropped
• PGI* Fortran 77 support will be removed
• Disabled timing function mkl_set_cpu_frequency() to perform useful work - use mkl_get_max_cpu_frequency(), mkl_get_clocks_frequency(), and mkl_get_cpu_frequency() as described in the oneMKL Reference Manual.
• Removed MKL_PARDISO constant- used MKL_DOMAIN_PARDISO to specify the PARDISO domain with the mkl_domain_set_num_threads() function Setting up the System PATH environment variable during installation is removed •
Setting up the System PATH environment variable during installation is removed
• Replaced Support of Mac OS X* 10.6 with Mac OS X* 10.8 in oneMKL 11.0 as part of Composer XE 2013 (not standalone version of MKL 11.0)•PGI compilers are not supported for oneMKL running on Mac OS X* 10.8 Documentation:
•The oneMKL Reference Manual in HTML format is no longer available with the product (see the KB Article)
•Man pages and Eclipse help integration are no longer provided Please send us your comments at Intel® Premier Support or the Intel® oneMKL user forum


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