Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit Release Notes (2022)

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Updated 9/1/2022
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Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit (Render Kit) contains a set of rendering and ray-tracing libraries that are designed to help you transform big amounts of raw data into rich, realistic visuals and are optimized for the continuum of visualization needs. This page includes the release notes and issues associated with the toolkit. For software and hardware requirements, please refer to System Requirements page.

Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit includes the following components:

Automatically installed components:

  • Intel® OSPRay rkcommon C++ infrastructure library
  • Intel® oneTBB

Components distributed elsewhere:

Where to Find the Release

Please refer to the Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit page for more information on how to acquire the package.

Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit 2022.3.1

New in This Release

Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit 2022.3.1 has been updated to include functional and security updates. Users should update to the latest version as it becomes available.

Intel® Embree 3.13.5

Intel® Embree 3.13.5 has been updated to include functional and security updates. Users should update to the latest version as it becomes available.

Intel® Open Volume Kernel Library 1.3.1

Intel® Open Volume Kernel Library 1.3.1 has been updated to include functional and security updates. Users should update to the latest version as it becomes available.

Note: All other components are unchanged from 2022.3

Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit 2022.3

New in This Release

Note: Intel® oneTBB 2021.5 is the minimum version of oneTBB that is validated with latest Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit components. The Rendering Toolkit installer installs oneTBB automatically.

Intel® Embree 3.13.4

  • Using 8-wide BVH and double pumped NEON instructions on Apple M1 gives 8% performance boost.
  • Fixed binning related crash in SAH BVH builder.
  • Added EMBREE_TBB_COMPONENT cmake option to define the component/library name of Intel® TBB (default: tbb).
  • Embree supports now Intel® oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler 2022.0.0

Intel® OSPRay 2.10.0

  • Add support for primitive, object, and instance ID buffers as framebuffer channels
  • Support face-varying attributes for Mesh and Subdivision geometry
  • Replace CMake variable OSPRAY_PIXELS_PER_JOB by OSPRAY_RENDER_TASK_SIZE; variance tracking for adaptive accumulation is now per task instead of per tile, allowing for more granular adaptation
  • OSPRay now requires minimum Open VKL v1.3.0 to bring the following improvements:
    • VDB volumes added support for contiguous data layouts, which can provide improved performance (nodesPackedDensenodesPackedTile parameters)
    • Particle volumes are more memory efficiency and improved performance
  • OSPRay now requires minimum ISPC v1.18.0 for Open VKL and to include a fix for parallel dispatch of uniform function pointers
  • MPI Offload: resolve object life time tracking issue that would result in framebuffer and data info being release too early, leading to a crash
  • Fix crash with OpenMPI due to argument handling
  • Fix clipping when rays are parallel to clipping planes
  • Fix missing SDK headers from CPU and MPI module
  • Deprecated the vec2f valueRange parameter of the piecewiseLinear transfer function, use box1f value instead


Intel® Open Image Denoise 1.4.3

  • Same revision as 2022.2


Intel® Open Volume Kernel Library 1.3.0

  • Added AVX512 8-wide CPU device mode, enabled via the OPENVKL_ISA_AVX512SKX_8_WIDE CMake option
  • VDB volumes: added support for packed / contiguous data layouts for temporally constant volumes, which can provide improved performance (nodesPackedDensenodesPackedTile parameters)
  • VDB utility library: added repackNodes flag to toggle usage of packed data layouts
  • Particle volumes: general memory efficiency and performance improvements
  • Superbuild updates to latest versions of dependencies
  • Minimum ISPC version is now v1.18.0


Intel® OSPRay Studio 0.11.1

  • Changes in OSPRay Studio v0.11.1
    • Compatible with OSPRay release v2.10.0
    • Features and Improvements
      • Updated to clarify build and superbuild process.
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Fixed a potential linker error when building OSPRay Studio against release binaries of OSPRay v2.10.0.
      • Fixed a crash due to loading scene files created prior to Studio v0.9.0.
      • Fixed an error where all command line arguments were ignored in batch and benchmark modes.
  • Changes in OSPRay Studio v0.11.0
    • Compatible with OSPRay release v2.10.0
    • Note! The background color now defaults to black. It is left to the user to set a background color through either the UI or command-line arg --bgColor <rgba>. This was done to prevent confusion when background color is blended with an HDRI light.
    • Features and Improvements
      • UI
        • Improved transform SearchWidget to correctly handle volumes and allow
        • Fix animation start time and allow playback without UI showing using <spacebar> hotkey to toggle playback
      • Camera
        • Improved scene camera support with ability to switch between multiple cameras without overwriting the preloaded camera positions
      • Batch
        • Add ability to export SceneGraph file in batch mode, including scene camera information
        • Benchmarking is enabled by default with the same command line options as batch-mode. ospStudio benchmark batch [options]
      • Importer
        • Added INTEL_lights_sunsky vendor extension to glTF importer
        • Added support for glTF KHR_materials_emissive_strength
        • Added VolumentricModel densityScale and anisotropy parameters
        • VDB volumes use contiguous data layouts, which can provide improved performance
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Fixed crash caused by deleted node not being completely removed from lists
      • Fixed rare crash when default material loaded from .sg is not OBJ
      • Improved geometry and volume visibility toggle, which would occasionally get confused
      • Fixed crash in FileBrowser widget if selecting a non-existent directory path
      • Fixed glTF skinning on models that weren't handled correctly, normalize all weights.
      • Correctly set material opacity to baseColorfactor alpha for glTF material alphaMode BLEND
      • Fixed unusual case where glTF textures could use the same texture


Intel® Implicit SPMD Program Compiler (Intel® ISPC) 1.18.0

  • Performance optimizations for Xe
  • Improvements for the ISPC Runtime in this release:
    • flexible task system selection during build
    • support of ISPCRT build separate from ISPC
    • support of ISPCRT build for CPU only
    •  version check in CMake
    • new API to get the type of allocated memory (`ispcrtGetMemoryViewAllocType` and `ispcrtGetMemoryAllocType`)
    • new API for memory copy on device (`ispcrtCopyMemoryView`)
    • support of device-only memory without corresponding application memory.

Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit Utilities (rkUtil) 1.6.0

New Features
  • Updated target component build scripts to build the latest component versions.


Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit rkcommon support library 1.10.0

  • Make random color
  • Bug Fixes

Deprecated in this Release

  • As announced previously, Windows driver support of integrated graphics processors included with 6th - 10th Gen Intel Core Processor and related Intel Atom®, Pentium®, and Celeron® processors is deprecated and has moved to maintenance mode. Only security and critical bug fixes will be updated.
  • oneAPI tools using existing integrated graphics processor functionality in the aforementioned processors may continue to work, but will no longer be supported. Note that CPU functionality for these processors remains fully supported and unaffected. Please check the oneAPI forum and release notes for further details. 

Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit 2022.2

New in This Release

Note: Intel® oneTBB 2021.5 is the minimum version of oneTBB that is validated with latest Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit components. The Rendering Toolkit installer installs oneTBB automatically.

Intel® Embree 3.13.3

Updates from 3.13.2
  • Invalid multi segment motion blurred normal oriented curves are properly excluded from BVH build.
  • Fixing issue with normal oriented curve construction when center curve curvature is very large. Due to this change normal oriented curve shape changes slightly.
  • Fixed crash caused by disabling a geometry and then detaching it from the scene.
  • Bugfix in emulated ray packet intersection when EMBREE_RAY_PACKETS is turned off.
  • Bugfix for linear quaternion interpolation fallback.
  • Fixed issues with spaces in path to Embree build folder.
  • Some fixes to compile Embree in SSE mode using WebAssembly.
  • Bugfix for occlusion rays with grids and ray packets.
  • Upgrading to Intel® ISPC 1.17.0 for release build.
  • Upgrading to Intel® oneTBB 2021.5.0 for release build.

Intel® OSPRay 2.9.0

Updates from 2.8.0:
  • Add support for multi-segment deformation motion blur for mesh geometry
  • OSPRay now requires minimum Open VKL v1.2.0 to bring the following improvements:
    • Structured regular volumes support for cell-centered data via the cellCentered parameter (vertex-centered remains the default)
    • Particle volumes ignore particles with zero radius
  • Add support for dynamic load balancing in MPI Offload device
  • Support for photometric lights (e.g., IES or EULUMDAT) also for sphere and quad lights. When setting intensityDistribution, other values for intensityQuantity than OSP_INTENSITY_QUANTITY_SCALE are deprecated
  • Changed CMake variables for enabling app categories:
  • Improve sampling of quad lights in the pathtracer (solid angle instead of area)
  • Instances can now have the group object rebound via a parameter
  • Fix leaking framebuffers in the MPI Offload device
  • Resolve possible race condition in assigning IDs to distributed objects in the MPI device
  • Move ISPC module to modules/ folder and renamed the module to cpu
  • Minimum version of rkcommon is 1.9.0.


Intel® Open Image Denoise 1.4.3

Updates from 1.4.2:
  • Fixed hardcoded library paths in installed macOS binaries
  • Disabled VTune profiling support of oneDNN kernels by default, can be enabled using CMake options if required (DNNL_ENABLE_JIT_PROFILING and DNNL_ENABLE_ITT_TASKS)
  • Upgraded to oneTBB 2021.5.0 in the official binaries

Intel® Open Volume Kernel Library 1.2.0

Updates from 1.1.0:
  • Added vklSetParam() API function which can set parameters of any supported type
  • Structured regular volumes:
    • Added support for cell-centered data via the cellCentered parameter; vertex-centered remains the default
    • Added support for more general transformations via the indexToObject parameter
    • Added indexOrigin parameter which applies an index-space vec3i translation
  • VDB volumes:
    • Added indexClippingBounds parameter, which can restrict the active voxel bounding box
    • The indexToObject parameter can now be provided as a VKL_AFFINE3F
    • Corrected bounding box computations in InnerNode observer
  • Particle volumes:
    • Now ignoring particles with zero radius
  • VDB utility library: added commit flag (default true) to volume creation methods, allowing apps to set additional parameters before first commit
  • Examples:
    • Added new set of minimal examples, which step through creation of basic volume and isosurface renderers
    • Exposing intervalResolutionHint parameter in vklExamples application
  • Superbuild updates to latest versions of dependencies


Intel® OSPRay Studio 0.10.0

  • Compatible with OSPRay release v2.9.0

  • Features and Improvements from 0.9.1

    • UI
      • Improved color picker widget so that color value are consistent whether viewing frame as sRGB or linear.
      • Added widget to change file selection on HDRI textures and photometric lights
      • Added renderer setting to set and adjust OSPRay's shadowCatcherPlane
    • Light
      • Add support for new OSPRay cylinder light-type
      • Photometric intensity distribution now supported on point, quad, and spot light types.
      • Lights in glTF scene are now instanced and can be used with motion blur
    • Camera
      • Custom support for "panoramic" camera type in glTF files
      • All glTF cameras are instanced to allow for motion blur
    • Batch
      • Improved batch rendering flexibility with params for cameraType, bgColor, frameStep and denoiser.
      • Added final frame denoising to batch mode - only final accumulation is denoised.
    • Added glTF support for OSPRay's new multi-segment deformation motion blur
    • Added python bindings for affine3f and affine3f::translate
    • Added tasking/scheduling system. Currently used to greatly improve loading of raw volumes. Will be expanded to other asynchronous operations.
  • Bug Fixes from 0.9.1:
    • Fixed lights editor interaction with group lights loaded in a glTF file. UI now allows correct editing/removal of existing lights and addition new lights
    • Added full path name and extension to importer and texture cache entried to prevent collision with similar files.
    • Better handling of failed texture load across glTF and OBJ materials, as well as HDRI, background texture, and material editor.
    • Correctly enable to/from_json for LinearSpace2f texture transform
    • Improved saving of multi-layer EXR images
  • Bug Fixes from 0.9.0 to 0.9.1:
    • Fixed compatibility with Intel® C++ Compiler Classic on Windows OS.
    • Fixed potential crash in FileDialog selection widget.
    • Fixed "gray screen" no-image issue seen on some older architectures


Intel® Implicit SPMD Program Compiler (Intel® ISPC) 1.17.0

  • Added ISPCRT to Rendering Toolkit

Updates from 1.16.1
  • Updates for Xe target compiler switches
  • New export and task function definitions on GPU.
  • New Xe targets
  • Performance improvements for AVX512
  • ISPCRT performance updates
  • See the full details of updates


Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit Utilities (rkUtil) 1.5.0

New Features
  • Updated target component build scripts to build the latest component versions.


Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit rkcommon support library 1.9.0

Bug fixes
  • Add support for Intel oneAPI DPCPP compiler
  • Fixed memory leak

Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit 2022.1.1 for Windows

New in This Release

Fixed integration issue with Microsoft* Visual Studio* 2022 version 17.1.x. 

Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit 2022.1

New in This Release

Note: Intel® oneTBB 2021.4 is the minimum version of oneTBB that is validated with latest Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit components. The Rendering Toolkit installer installs oneTBB automatically.


Getting Started Updates

  • Get started quickly with Render Kit introductory samples: 
    • Install the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit (Base Kit)
      • Revisions:
        • Windows* and macOS*: Base Kit 2022.1.0 or higher
        • Linux*: Base Kit 2022.1.1 or higher
      • ​Base Kit is not required for using Render Kit.
      • For Getting Started samples access, no library or compiler components are required from the Base Kit. Only the 'dev-utilities' default, hidden Base Kit component is required for the 'oneapi-cli' command line sample browser tool.
    • Alternatively, access the samples manually from the oneAPI-samples portal with git without Base Kit.


Intel® Embree 3.13.2

  • Avoiding spatial split positions that are slightly out of geometry bounds.
  • Introduced rtcGetGeometryThreadSafe function, which is a thread safe version of rtcGetGeometry.
  • Using more accurate rcp implementation.
  • Bugfix to rare corner case of high quality BVH builder.

Intel® OSPRay 2.8.0

  • Lights can be now part of OSPGroup and thus instanced like geometries and volumes and thus lights also support motion blur (with the path tracer)
  • Add cylinder light (with solid area sampling)
  • Add support for rolling shutter of cameras
  • Add support for quaternion motion blur for instance and camera to allow for smoothly interpolated rotations
  • Fix illumination from emissive quad meshes

Known Issues

  • macOS
    • ospBenchmark application experiences abnormal termination on macOS* 12. Triage coming in future release.
    • The denoiser module is not included for OSPRay to access Open Image Denoise on macOS. Use the rkUtil superbuild as a workaround.


Intel® Open Image Denoise 1.4.2

  • Added support for 16-bit half-precision floating-point images
  • Added oidnGetBufferData and oidnGetBufferSize functions
  • Fixed performance issue on x86 hybrid architecture CPUs (e.g. Alder Lake)
  • Fixed build error when using OpenImageIO 2.3 or later
  • Upgraded to oneTBB 2021.4.0 in the official binaries

Intel® Open Volume Kernel Library 1.1.0

  • vklExamples improvements: asynchronous rendering, multiple viewports, docking, and more
  • Fixed bug in openvkl_utility_vdb which could lead to crashes when creating VDB volumes with temporally constant tiles
  • Superbuild updates to latest versions of dependencies
  • Minimum rkcommon version is now 1.8.0

From 1.0.1

  • Fixed issue in structuredRegular and vdb interval iterators that could lead to erroneous initial intervals for certain ray inputs
  • Fixed handling of intervalResolutionHint interval iterator context parameter for amr, particle, and unstructured volumes with small numbers of cells / primitives


Intel® OSPRay Studio 0.9.0

  • Compatible with OSPRay release v2.8.0

Features and Improvements

  • Added initial EULUMDAT photometric light support to SpotLight
  • Enabled alternate camera selection in glTF scenes
  • Added ability for python scripts to define transfer functions and load Studio plugins
  • Enabled .sg scene files can now contain an HDRI light
  • Much improved command line parsing in all modes
  • Added support for several new KHR_materials extentions (KHR_materials_volume, KHR_materials_specular, KHR_materials_ior) and KHR_texture_transform
  • Improved UI controls for adjusting model transforms

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed high-DPI display issues
  • Fixed bug causing model textures to be flipped if loading HDRI first
  • Fixed crash when selecting non-default cameras in glTF scenes
  • Fixed bug with macOS ARM build.
  • Fixed KHR_lights_punctual light direction bug

Bug Fixes from 0.8.1:

  • Fixed CMake scripts to make optional 3rd party dependencies easier to predict. Optional 3rd party dependencies must be pre-installed prior to building Studio, rather than using FetchContent.
  • Fixed bug in the demo scene "sphere" material


Intel® Implicit SPMD Program Compiler (Intel® ISPC) 1.16.1

New Component
  • Distributed with the toolkit for the first time.
  • Use ISPC to accelerate performance of Embree, OSPRay, and Open VKL client applications.


Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit Utilities (rkUtil) 1.4.0

New Features
  • Updated target component build scripts to build the latest component versions.




oneTBB dynamic runtime errors while using XCode*

Users may see issues in an XCode* IDE developer environment when setting up dynamic runtime search paths. Apple* System Integrity Protection may purge these paths.


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