Intel® Inspector Release Notes and New Features

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Updated 3/18/2024
Version 2024.1



This page provides the current Release Notes for Intel® Inspector. The notes are categorized by year, from newest to oldest, with individual releases listed within each year.

Click a version to expand it into a summary of new features and changes in that version since the last release, and access the download buttons for the detailed release notes, which include important information, such as pre-requisites, software compatibility, installation instructions, and known issues.

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Release Notes and New Features


  • Enhance stability, security, and performance optimizations.
  • Intel® Inspector is no longer included in the Intel® HPC Toolkit. It is now downloadable as a standalone package and it will be discontinued in 2025 or later.  Customers who have purchased Intel® Priority Support will continue to receive support. Please see Intel Inspector deprecation article for more information.



  • Directory layout change support.
  • Intel ® Inspector has been updated to include recent versions of 3rd party components, which include functional and security updates. Customers should update to the latest version as it becomes available.


  • The modulefile included with Intel Inspector 2024.0 incorrectly derives the component root path as "/". This file is located at:

    Workarounds for this issue include:
    1. Click here to download the fixed tcl file and replace the existing 2024.0 file.
    2. Instead of using "module load" to set up the environment variables, run:
    $ source <install-dir>/inspector/latest/

  • Improved Directory Layout -  The Unified Directory Layout is implemented in 2024.0. If you have multiple toolkit versions installed, the Unified layout ensures that your development environment contains the correct component versions for each installed version of the toolkit. For detailed information about the Unified layout, refer to Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit Release Notes.

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