Intel® Fortran Compiler Release Notes and New Features

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Updated 3/20/2024
Version 2024.1.0



The page provides a brief summary of the new features in the Intel® Fortran Compiler and Intel® Fortran Compiler Classic available in the Intel® HPC Toolkit. Also provided is a link to the release notes. The Intel® oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler Release Notes are here. The notes are categorized by major version, from newest to oldest, with minor releases listed within each major version.

Click a version to expand it into a summary of new features and changes in that version since its previous release and access to the detailed release notes, which include important information, such as pre-requisites, software compatibility, installation instructions, and known issues.

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Version 2024


Intel® Fortran Compiler

  • Intel® Fortran Compiler adds more Fortran 23 language features - improving compatibility and interoperability between C and Fortran code in the intrinsic module ISO_C_BINDING; simplifying trigonometric calculations by allowing developers to use intrinsic functions that accept arguments as degrees, enhancing ease of use and code readability; use of predefined data types of specific sizes in intrinsic module ISO_FORTRAN_ENV improving code portability and ensuring consistent behavior, and more.
  • Intel® Fortran Compiler makes OpenMP Offload programming more productive by adding runtimes checks ensuring that mapped data is currently allocated/associated.
  • Increased compiler stability by fixing miscellaneous compilation, OpenMP and runtime issues.

Intel® Fortran Compiler Classic

  • The Intel® Fortran Compiler Classic has been updated to include recent versions of 3rd party components, which include functional and security updates.

Complete release notes

NOTE Intel® Fortran Compiler Classic (ifort) is now deprecated and will be discontinued in late 2024. Intel recommends that customers transition now to using the LLVM-based Intel® Fortran Compiler (ifx) for continued Windows* and Linux* support, new language support, new language features, and optimizations. For more information on ifx, see the Intel® Fortran Compiler Developer Guide and Reference and the Porting Guide for ifort Users to ifx.

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