Aotu* BrainFrame® Smart Vision Platform for Edge Computing

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Updated 9/7/2021
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Run video processing and AI inference on edge computing devices with this smart vision platform from Aotu*. Integrate with Intel® Edge Insights for Industrial for various vision applications.

This solution is provided by Aotu and can be requested at

  • Programming Language: Python*, C/C++*, SQL*
  • Available Software: 
    • BrainFrame® Server and Client Software
    • VisionCapsules® Library 

Target System Requirements 

  • Intel® Core™ i7 processor  
  • Linux* is supported in general; Ubuntu* 20.04 is recommended 
  • At least 6 GB RAM
  • At least 250 GB hard drive

How It Works 

BrainFrame® has been deployed in multiple verticals such as industrial IoT, enterprise and retail for video analytics and real-time smart vision IoT applications. BrainFrame® has the following features:

  • Provides optimized real-time video processing and AI inference on edge computing devices. (Watch a YouTube* video.) 
  • Easy to use and fast to deploy: No code AI to deploy video AI solutions. Polished user interface with built-in video and AI overlay, smart lines and zones, alarm and alert interface, VisionCapsules® algorithm load/unload/configuration, identity interface, database and analytics dashboard, etc. 
  • Fully customizable by developers and users: REST API is 100% provided for you to build your own graphics user interface. You can use a selection of prebuilt algorithms or your own algorithms.

Complex block diagram that starts with cameras pointing to the BrainFrame Server box. Arrows point to a box for the BrainFrame Client GUI and another for the Web Browser.


BrainFrame® Server or Client can be installed on the same edge computer or different computers with TCP/IP connection. 

BrainFrame® Server and Client Software 

BrainFrame® Server is deployed on Linux through Docker*. It includes all video processing, AI inference, APIs services, database, and dashboard services, etc.  

BrainFrame® Client is used to access BrainFrame® Server. Linux* and Windows* are supported. The BrainFrame® dashboard can be accessed directly through the browser. 

VisionCapsules® Library 

Computer vision algorithms and deep learning models are encapsulated in the OpenVisionCapsules® format, which is designed to support downloadable and interoperable AI. When you download VisionCapsules®, the system will load the algorithm and start inference in seconds. The algorithm pipeline and algorithm fusion will be built automatically. 

BrainFrame® has built-in Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit optimization support. Check out the VisionCapsules® marked with “OpenVINO™”, “iGPU”, or “HDDL” for best performance on edge computers with Intel processors: VisionCapsules® download

Get Started

This solution is provided by Aotu and can be requested at

  1. Install the BrainFrame® CLI on Linux. 
  2. Install and start the BrainFrame® server on Linux. 
  3. Install the BrainFrame® Client on Linux or Windows. 
  4. Get a License

Run the Solution 

  • Add a video stream
  • Select and download VisionCapsules®.
  • Install a VisionCapsule®
  • Add an Alarm.
  • Add a Zone.
  • Watch actionable insights on the BrainFrame® Client, and check out your data immediately on a dashboard through your browser.
  • If you decide an integration with your own application is needed or a customized algorithm is needed, check out the Tutorials for using REST APIs and building your own VisionCapsules®. 

Summary and Next Steps 

You successfully downloaded BrainFrame® and should be able to run BrainFrame® from end-to-end, watch Video/AI overlays, set up smart lines and zones, trigger alarms, save analytic results in database, analyze structured data from video and create graphs and view on dashboards. 

Learn More 

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