YUM/DNF and ZYPPER Packages oneAPI 2021.1 Gold (Initial Release) Issue Will Prevent Upgrades

ID 658712
Updated 3/17/2021
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Who is Affected?

Only users who use YUM/DNF or Zypper linux package managers to install and manage oneAPI Toolkits, components, or runtime libraries. If you are a Windows* or macOS* user, you can ignore this. If you use the installers downloaded from the Intel® Registration Center, this bug also does not apply to you. If you use APT* package manager this issue does not apply to you.


The initial release, 2021.1, of the oneAPI Toolkits, component packages, and runtime libraries provided or distributed by the Intel repositories for Linux package managers, YUM/DNF or ZYPPER, have a flaw that will prevent upgrades to future oneAPI releases.


When oneAPI Releases are available and you try to upgrade using your Linux package manager you will see "conflict" errors. As an example, below is what you would see with a DNF upgrade of your installed package. This is the same general error you will see with any other oneAPI Toolkit or Component upgrade.

dnf upgrade intel-dlfdkit ​
Last metadata expiration check: 0:16:13 ago on Tue 09 Feb 2021 06:16:55 PM MSK.​
Error: ​
 Problem: problem with installed package intel-oneapi-dev-utilities-2021.1.1-2021.1.1-197.x86_64​
  - package intel-dlfdkit-2021.2.0-9999.x86_64 conflicts with intel-oneapi-dev-utilities < 2021.2.0-333 provided by intel-oneapi-dev-utilities-2021.1.1-2021.1.1-197.x86_64​
  - cannot install the best update candidate for package intel-dlfdkit-2021.1.0-1920.x86_64​
(try to add '--allowerasing' to command line to replace conflicting packages or '--skip-broken' to skip uninstallable packages or '--nobest' to use not only best candidate packages)


Remove 2021.1: If you do not need to keep the oneAPI Gold (initial release), please use your package manager to remove the 2021.1 Toolkits or components. After 2021.1 is removed, use your package manager to install the new release toolkit or component. 

Keep 2021.1 and install new release: One way to keep your 2021.1 Gold installation side-by-side with the new release is to NOT use your package manager for the installation of the new release, but instead, use the installers from the Intel® Registration Center (IRC). You will need to have a valid IRC account. This method for installing the new release does not use the package manager database and allows the new release to be installed side-by-side with your existing 2021.1 installation. The downside is that your YUM/DNF or ZYPPER will not be aware of this new installation and therefore the package manager cannot be used to remove it in the future. Also, the original 2021.1 package will give the same CONFLICT errors on all future oneAPI releases. You will have to continue to use the IRC installers. See the oneAPI Installation Guide.

Use YUM/DNF or ZYPPER with erase: If your package manager allows, use an 'erase' method to install the new release to erase or overwrite your existing 2021.1 Gold Toolkits or components. As an example, DNF has an "--allowerasing" option. Keep in mind this removes your 2021.1 installation as it installs your new release. Here is an example using the same 'dlfdkit' Toolkit and DNF from the previous example:

dnf upgrade intel-dlfdkit --allowerasing --best​

What about the FUTURE Releases?

The conflict issue only exists with the oneAPI 2021.1 packages. The upcoming 2021.2 release and all future oneAPI releases will not have this problem and will allow 'upgrades' and side-by-side installations.