Intel® Media Server Studio--Professional Edition 2018

Published: 05/29/2018  

Last Updated: 05/29/2018

By Yan Liu

Version: 2018_R1



What's New!

  • Improves HEVC encode video quality, provides coding adaptation for better subjective/perceptual quality. Increases codecs & HEVC CPU performance. View white paper
  • Supports HEVC Graphics Accelerated Encoder: TU7-GAcc, TU4-GAcc, TU5-GAcc, TU6-GAcc modes. Includes Human ROI via Face/Skin tone feature & Human Visual System sensitive psycho-quantization.
  • Provides Intel® VTune Amplifier (2018 R2), is compatible with new Intel OpenCL GPU driver (NEO) driver, supports CentOS* 7.4. Learn more

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