What's New in Intel® Media Server Studio 2018

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Updated 4/10/2018
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Intel Media Server Studio for Linux Key Usages

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Just released, Intel updated its media software development tools, Intel® Media Server Studio, and Intel® Media SDK 2018 versions, which are used to optimize video solutions from camera to cloud. With these tools, media developers and video solution providers can speed video transcoding and streaming (live, OTT and VOD), cloud graphics and gaming, video conferencing, and video/image processing in their applications for key usages (as shown in the image above). The tools also provide access to hardware-accelerated codecs and Intel® Quick Sync Video to unlock the full power of Intel® processor-based platforms.

New features in this release help developers increase video performance and quality for AVC and HEVC transcoding. See below for what’s new in Intel® Media Server Studio 2018 for Linux*. Windows developers are now encouraged to use the new Intel Media SDK 2018 for Windows, which had significant new features added including the performance and quality analyzers and HEVC codec now for FREE (previously those features were available via paid licenses). More details follow.


New Features in Intel Media Server Studio for Linux

Top new features in this comprehensive tool suite includes:
  • Enhances AVC compression efficiency and video quality features 
  • Improves HEVC encode video quality and CPU performance for multiple media sessions running simultaneously
  • Expands API parametoers for more control over the codecs
  • Increases performance significantly for Sessions Joining API
  • Supports CentOS* 7.4 - providing new features, security updates

More Technical Details

  • Enhanced FEI capabilities
    • Inproved video quality with fade in/fade out by applying multiplicative weighting factor and an additive offset to the motion compensated prediction
    • Enabled the interlaced content encoding for HEVC
    • Enabled the number of repack passes report for H.264 to help  bitrate control tuning
    • Added P/I field encoding (first field as P field, second field as I field) to improve quality
  • Enabled setting the NALU type for HEVC encoder order mode, which helps HEVC interlace encoding
  • Enabled VPP Deinterlacer to handle content that alternates between Progressive/Interlaced frame, Top Field First (TFF) and Bottom Field First (BFF)

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Quality Analysis Tools, HEVC Codec Now Free in Intel® Media SDK for Windows

In this 2018 update, the features and capabilities for Windows applications in the previous Intel Media Server Studio 2017 version are now merged into the Intel Media SDK for Windows, with significant enhancements for 2018. This is a huge benefit for these users, as many features such as the performance and quality analyzers (Intel® VTune Analyzer and Video Quality Caliper) and HEVC codec, were previously available only via paid licenses and are now offered for FREE. Windows application developers  are encouraged to download and use the new free Intel Media SDK 2018 for Windows to take full advantage of these features. 

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What's New in Intel Media SDK 2018 for Windows

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