What's New in Intel® Media SDK 2016 R2

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Updated 6/6/2016
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Intel® Media SDK 2016 R2  is now available! Which includes a number of significant additions and enhancements including 10-bit HEVC support with new API 1.19. 


What’s New:

  • 7th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors (codenamed Kabylake) support.
  • Media RAW Accelerator enhancements for improved flexibility and performance.
  • AVC/H.264 encode new features for Video conferencing and Cloud gaming applications support.
  • VPP filters to enhance usability and flexibility.
  • Dynamic API improvements with Memory management and platform query features.
  • Windows Redstone Preview support.



Feature Overview:

  • Platform Support: With this release we are happy to announce new full hardware accelerated support for HEVC and VP9.
    • HEVC Main 10 (10-bit) encoder and decoder support.
    • VP9 8-bit and 10-bit decoder support.


  • AVC Encode: Slice Size limitation and reporting features are added to help ensure low latency and meet real-time transfer protocol (RTP) requirements. Developers can use these features to deliver outstanding user viewing experience in Video conferencing/Cloud gaming applications.  


  • Media RAW Accelerator: For flexibility and performance improvements, Media RAW Accelerator is now included and distributed with graphics driver, so distribution of plugin with applications no longer required. 16-bit ARGB feature input support has been added, which can be used with Gamma Correction, Chroma Aberration, 3DLUT and Les Geometry Correction filters. Now, developers in their applications can easily apply filters to the picture with applied debayer processing or customize their own pre-processing blocks by adding them in the pipeline as shown in figure below.


  • VPP extensions: Developers can select bt.601, bt.709 color conversion matrices, nominal range and full range video with Videosignal Info feature. With Scaler & Format Converter (SFC) pipeline available from 6th generation Intel® Core™ Processors (codenamed Skylake) new scaling modes are included with this release, where during Media SDK operation workload is released from render engine and no longer locked. So, developer can take full advantage by better managing available GPU EUs for other workloads during processing. 


  • API ease-of-use improvements:
    • API 1.19 adds platform reporting feature, where application can query and retrieve information about underlying hardware during run-time.
    • For better memory management and performance improvements in memory allocation is re-aligned for 3D and OpenCL configurations. 

Refer to Media SDK documentation for latest Manual and Release notes.