Intel Software at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024

Accelerate enterprise cloud-native innovation more efficiently and confidently at scale, paving a faster way to AI.

 • Better Models, Streamlined Workflow
 • Optimized Performance, Reduced Costs
 • Confidential Computing: Safe, Secure & Compliant


Stop by Booth #J17 to learn more or attend our live session.



Accelerate and scale up production workloads with Intel® Developer Cloud

Take advantage of broader choices for workload deployments to systems with CPUs and expanding Intel® GPUs and Gaudi® AI accelerators as part of a Kubernetes runtime environment. Through Intel® Kubernetes Service in Intel Developer Cloud, you can run AI/ML training and inference workloads, and more—at a lower cost than other cloud options. Evaluate multiple system configurations to see what works best for your solutions.

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Automate the AI model lifecycle with

Spend less time managing hardware and software and get better models into production faster. Supporting all major CNCF-compliant K8s distributions, control plane contains all of the MLOps logic installs as a K8s operator. Respects K8s node labels restricting pods to appropriate clusters. also provides access to Intel Developer Cloud.

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Optimize performance, reduce Kubernetes costs by up to 45%1 with Intel® Granulate™

Optimize containerized environments without compromising performance with Intel Granulate’s suite of autonomous and continuous optimization solutions. Supporting EKS, GKE, AKS, Red Hat OpenShift*, Docker*, self-managed Kubernetes and all major runtimes, Intel Granulate keeps SLAs competitive and eliminates over-provisioning without manual configurations. Easily configure your pod capacity optimization to your application’s needs, whether per cluster or label, to discover CPU, memory and cost reduction opportunities.

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LIVE SESSION: Above the Clouds with American Airlines

Join Markus Flierl, Corporate Vice President at Intel will host Vijay Premkumar, Senior Manager of Cloud Engineering at American Airlines to discover how the largest airline in the world:

  • Leveraged Intel enterprise software to mitigate the cost of innovation
  • Mastered Kubernetes at scale with Intel Granulate’s app-level optimization
  • Balanced new feature deployment while optimizing for performance
  • Improved performance metrics and lowered Kubernetes costs by applying best practices for capacity optimization

Wednesday, 20 March at 11:15AM - 11:50AM

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Put Zero Trust Within Reach and Get Public Cloud Flexibility with Private Cloud Security

Intel® Trust Authority takes Confidential Computing to the next level with a Zero Trust attestation SaaS that verifies the trustworthiness of compute assets at the network, edge, and in the cloud. Intel Trust Authority attests to the validity of Intel Confidential Computing environments, also known as Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs).

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Intel at KubeCon Europe 2024

Find out more about Intel's open-source software and project contributions at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024 at booth #H5. You are also invited to attend our Community Social on March 21st. Registration is open here.

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