Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 49, August 2022

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Updated 8/10/2022

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The Parallel Universe Magazine

  • Intel’s quarterly magazine for software innovation.

  • The latest tools, tips, and training to expand your expertise.



  • Letter from the Editor by Henry A. Gabb, Senior Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation
  • SYCLomatic: A New CUDA*-to-SYCL* Code Migration Tool
    Contributions To This Open-Source Project Wanted!
  • Free Your Software from Vendor Lock-in Using SYCL* and oneAPI
    Migrating from CUDA* to SYCL Just Got Easier                                             
  • The SigOpt Intelligent Experimentation Platform
    Democratizing End-to-End Recommendation Systems
  • Distributed Training on Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
    A Case Study of Training the AI Model on Tencent AI Arena Platform                                                                         
  • Delivering Cost-Effective Genomics for Precision Medicine
    Comparing Sentieon DNASeq* Performance to NVIDIA Clara Parabricks*
  • Accelerating Single-Cell Genetics Analysis
    Intel® Xeon® Processor Outperforms NVIDIA A100 in an End-to-End Scanpy Pipeline
  • Leveraging Tools for Cross-Platform Software Development
    How to Build oneAPI for Linux* and Windows* using Windows Subsystem for Linux 2* and Visual Studio Code*

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