Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 43, January 2021

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Updated 12/18/2020

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The Parallel Universe Magazine

  • Intel’s quarterly magazine for software innovation.

  • The latest tools, tips, and training to expand your expertise.




  • Letter from the Editor: Happy New Year...and Goodbye to 2020 by Henry A. Gabb, Senior Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Solving a 2D Heat Equation Using Data Parallel C++  by Graham McKenzie, Systems Field Application Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Migrating from CUDA to DPC++ Using the Intel® DPC++ Compatibility Tool by Subarnarekha Ghosal, Compiler Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Analyzing Memory and Threading Correctness for GPU-Offloaded Code by Kevin O’Leary, Lead Technical Consulting Engineer, and Michael Tutin, Software Architect, Intel Corporation
  • Uncovering More Tuning Opportunities with Intel Compiler Optimization Reports by Mayank Tiwari, Cloud Software Engineer, and Rama Malladi, Graphics Performance Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Cluster-Wide MPI Tuning Using Intel® MPI Library by Dr. Amarpal S Kapoor, Technical Consulting Engineer, and Marat Shamshetdinov, Software Development Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Accelerating Linear Models for Machine Learning by Victoriya Fedotova, Machine Learning Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Improving the Performance of XGBoost and LightGBM Inference by Igor Rukhovich, Machine Learning Intern, Intel Corporation