Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 45, July 2021

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Updated 7/20/2021
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  • Letter from the Editor: Big Announcements at ISC 2021! by Henry A. Gabb, Senior Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Heterogeneous Processing Requires Data Parallelization: SYCL* and DPC++ Are a Good Start
  • Analyzing the Performance of Reduction Operations in Data Parallel C++
    More on Tuning the Common Reduction Parallel Pattern
  • OpenMP* Accelerator Offload
    Portability Across Heterogeneous Architectures
  • Optimizing Distributed AI Training Using Intel® oneAPI Toolkits
    Incremental Tuning Can Yield Significant Performance Improvements
  • The Role and Potential of CPUs in Deep Learning
  • MiniNAS Neural Architecture Search Using SigOpt and Ray Tune
    Systematically Search Model Architectures with SigOpt
  • Performance Optimizations for End-to-End AI Pipelines
    Optimized Frameworks and Libraries for Intel® Processors
  • Optimizing CatBoost Performance by Up to 4x
    Tricks to Improve Machine Learning Training Performance