Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 41, July 2020

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Updated 7/14/2020
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  • Letter from the Editor: Hello from My Home Office by Henry A. Gabb, Senior Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • DPC++ for Intel® Processor Graphics Architecture by Rama Malladi, Graphics Performance Modeling Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Using OpenMP Offload for Programming Heterogeneous Architectures by Jose Noudohouenou, Software Engineer, and Nitya Hariharan, Application Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Delving into the Mysteries of OpenMP SIMD Support by Clay P. Breshears, PhD, Principal Engineer, Omics Data Automation, Inc.
  • Making the Most of Intel® Compiler Optimization Reports by Mayank Tiwari, Technical Consulting Engineer, and Rama Malladi, Graphics Performance Modeling Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Overlapping Computation and Communication in HPC Applications by Fabio Baruffa, PhD, Senior Software Applications Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Making HPC Clusters More Efficient Using Intel® MPI Library by Dr. Amarpal Singh Kapoor, Technical Consulting Engineer, and Marat Shamshetdinov, Software Development Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Taking Data Science Applications to the Next Level with OmniSci by Venkat Krishnamurthy, Vice President of Product Management, OmniSci