Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 36, April 2019

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Updated 4/9/2019
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  • Letter from the Editor: Onward to Exascale Henry A. Gabb, Senior Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Effectively Train and Execute Machine Learning and Deep Learning Projects on CPUs Nathan Greeneltch and Jing Xu, Software Technical Consulting Engineers, Intel Corporation
  • Parallelism in Python* Using Numba* David Liu, Software Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Boosting the Performance of Graph Analytics Workloads Stijn Eyerman, Wim Heirman, and Kristof Du Bois, Research Scientists, and Joshua B. Fryman and Ibrahim Hur, Principal Engineers, Intel Corporation
  • How Effective is Your Vectorization? Kevin O’Leary, Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Improving Performance using Vectorization for Particle-in-Cell Codes Bei Wang, HPC Software Engineer, Princeton University; Carlos Rosales-Fernandez, Software Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation; and William Tang, Professor, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
  • Boost Performance for Hybrid Applications with Multiple Endpoints in Intel® MPI Library Rama Kishan Malladi, Graphics Performance Modeling Engineer, and Dr. Amarpal Singh Kapoor, Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Innovate System and IoT Apps Ramya Chandrasekaran and Thorsten Moeller, Product Marketing Engineers, Intel Corporation