MeshCommander v0.3.8 released

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Updated 11/14/2016
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A few days back I released MeshCommander v0.3.8 with quite a bit of improvements to how MeshCommander deals with Intel® AMT TLS. Anyone that works with Intel® AMT knows that certificates are a big part of the process. Often times, administrators use various different tools to deal with management and security separately but with this new version of MeshCommander, we built a new certificate management tool right in. Its should now be easier to setup TLS traffic encryption and authenticate that you are communicating to the correct machine. At a high level, here are the major new additions:

  • Built-in Certificate Manager & TLS checking & certificate pinning.
    • Create new root certificates or issue sub-CA certificates from existing root certificates.
    • Import and export certificates, as easy as drag & dropping a certificate into the tool.
    • Create Intel® AMT certificate easily using a root certificate that is already in MeshCommander.
    • All new TLS authentication system, allows administrators to check they are connected to the correct computers.
    • New certificate pinning system, just “pin” a certificate and you can always connect without a warning message.

In addition, we made many more bug fixes and improved support for Intel® AMT 6.x. For existing users of MeshCommander, automatic update notification should show up.

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This is the first version of the Certificate Manager that is built into MeshCommander.
Allows easy management of certificates (All certificates are SHA256)

MeshCommander Certificates

The new TLS certificate checking system checks against trusted root certificates and allows for certificate “pinning”. Makes it easy to setup intel® AMT TLS on both large and small networks.

MeshCommander TLS