MeshCommander for NPM - Linux, OSX, Windows

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Updated 1/8/2018
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MeshCommander is a web-based Intel® AMT management console that you can download, install and use to connect to and manage your Intel® AMT computers. MeshCommander is over two years old, turning out to be a popular tool. A few days back I published MeshCommander on NPM for easy installation on Linux, OSX and Windows. Most people familiar with NodeJS will know exactly what this means. Enter a new folder and type:

npm install meshcommander
node ./node_module/meshcommander

This will start a small MeshCommander web server on any operating system with NodeJS and NPM installed. Then point your browser to http://localhost:3000 which is the default location and you are good to go. Never has it been easier and run MeshCommander on Linux or OSX. I think this is perfect for people using Intel® AMT for IoT and wanting to have a high quality Intel® AMT console. If you want to update to the latest version of MeshCommander, just run the first list again and the latest version will get installed over the previous one. My latest YouTube demonstration video here:



MeshCommander for NPM tutorial video: