MeshCommander - Firmware Loader

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Updated 10/26/2017
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MeshCommander is a web-based Intel® AMT management console that is available in many versions including as a standalone tool, as part of MicroLMS and built into MeshCentral2. However, one of the most intriguing versions of MeshCommander is the one that can be loaded directly into Intel® AMT 11.6 and higher flash storage. This version of MeshCommander allows remote hardware management of a computer with nothing else but a browser, making it super convenient for many applications. Never as it been easier to make use of Intel® AMT when you need it.

Today, I just released the new MeshCommander firmware loader that comes as a single Windows executable. You can get it on, it super easy to use and in less than a minute your Intel® AMT 11.6+ will be upgraded with a powerful management console built right into the computer. Just login using your favorite browser and start remotely managing your computer.

As if it could not already be easier, I have a YouTube video demonstration of this new tool. You can download the new tool here.


MeshCommander firmware loader is an easy to use Windows application.
It’s a single executable and in a few steps, you are done.

Using the MeshCommander firmware loader, you can replace the basic
Intel® AMT default web page with the powerful MeshCommander web application.

Even if it’s less than 60k, MeshCommander loaded into Intel® AMT packs quite a punch.
From hardware remote desktop to power control, all the basic features are present.