MeshCommander can connect to MeshCentral2

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Updated 10/16/2018
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This week is a big one for the standalone version of MeshCommander as version 0.7.1 was released with an improved user interface and more significantly, the ability to connect to a MeshCentral2 account and manage computers over the Internet. Up until now, the standalone MeshCommander has been a break-fix Intel® AMT management console limited to your local network, but this limitation is removed with this new release as MeshCentral2 can act as a Management Presence Server (MPS) for MeshCommander. This new feature allows MeshCommander to perform WSMAN and KVM, SOL, IDER sessions over Intel® AMT remote connections (CIRA) greatly enhancing the capability of an already feature rich tool. There is a new YouTube demonstration video that shows off all the latest improvements. In detail:

  • MeshCommander now has an improved user interface, especially the computer selection screen. The basic idea was to make MeshCommander look a lot like the new user interface of MeshCentral2 which makes a lot of sense if you going to connect the two more tightly. The new left side tool bar allows users to select between computer management, certificate management and the setup.bin editor for USB activation of Intel® AMT.
  • MeshCommander can now connect to MeshCentral2. You have to setup your own MeshCentral2 server first, but once you do, you can login with MeshCommander and start managing your Intel® AMT computers. Note that only computers with Intel® AMT support will show up in MeshCommander. Just hit connect and start doing everything you normally do with Intel® AMT, except that this time, all the management traffic will be routed thru MeshCentral2.
  • Connection between MeshCommander and MeshCentral2 is real-time. The web interface of MeshCentral2 is built in such a way that any change in state will be immediately reflected in the web page, no need to press a refresh button. This feature extends to MeshCommander. Once you connect MeshCommander to MeshCentral, any change in state will be shown immediately on the user interface in near real-time.
  • MeshCentral2 servers as a MPS server for MeshCommander. Increasingly we want to make use of Intel® AMT features over the Internet, not just for computers on the local network. You can setup Intel® AMT to connect using Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA) to MeshCentral2 so that wherever the computer is, it connects back and is managed by MeshCentral’s MPS server. By having MeshCommander connect to MeshCentral, we can manage computers that use CIRA. One notable usage that is enabled by this is performing IDE-redirect (IDER) over a CIRA session to remotely boot a computer into a recovery operating system.
MeshCommander and MeshCentral are now more than ever joined with a similar user interface style and more complementary features. As usual, feedback very much appreciated.

YouTube Demonstration Video: