MeshCommander 0.7.3 with CILA support

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Updated 11/13/2018
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MeshCommander is an open source web-based Intel® AMT management console. It’s a leading edge tool and today, MeshCommander added support for Client Initiated Local Access (CILA). It's important to be able to remotely manage computers both in software and hardware regardless of where they are connected. Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA) has been around since Intel® AMT 4.x and provides the way hardware management can connect back to a cloud server. Starting with Intel® AMT 11.6, CIRA is joined by CILA, the local version of the same tunneling system.

With CILA, you can now configure Intel® AMT to connect back to a home management server both over the Internet and over the local network. Using a tunneling protocol on the local network means that Intel® AMT is always accurately discovered by the management server. This makes it easy for a server like MeshCentral2 to keep track of all of the Intel® AMT capable devices on a local network. In addition, local management ports (TCP 16992 to 16995) remain open when a CILA connection is established, making it possible to use many different management tools at the same time that support both local and remote access.

MeshCommander 0.7.3 with CILA support is available as a standalone Windows MSI installer, NodeJS NPM version for Linux, OSX & Windows and Firmware version that loads with into Intel® AMT flash.