MeshCentral2 - Improved user interface

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Updated 10/3/2018
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MeshCentral is an open source web based remote computer management web site. The software is still in beta, but in the last two months MeshCentral got a lot better. Many new features, bug fixes and ease of use improvements so that a server can be installed and fully usable in a few minutes in many situations, and this on Windows and Linux. For many system administrators, all you need to know is “npm install meshcentral” to get started.

Certainly the most noticeable change in the last few weeks is the new user interface marking a significant departure from the older MeshCentralv1. MeshCentralv2 run a fully real-time user interface so that you never have to hit a “refresh” button. The interface always displays the latest state of all devices and makes much better use of the complete surface area of the browser, making it great for both large screens and users who want to have a small browser window on the desktop. Check out the pictures below. Here are some more details on the latest update:

  • New user interface will auto-scale to fill the browser window and has a new left side navigation bar.
  • New devices view buttons make it easy to change between tile, list, screens and map views.
  • New server panel allows the administrator to see server and database state, see the server error log and quickly update the server to the latest version.
  • You can now see more detailed information on the currently running operating system on each remote device and what user is logged in on each device.
  • There is a small button on the upper right to toggle between the old and new user interfaces.
  • A lot more bug fixes and stability improvements in the web application, server and agent.

You can install your own instance of MeshCentral2 by using the guides and tutorial videos at: Many thanks for Bryan Roe for the improved MeshAgent2 with many bug fixes and new Duktape features. Feedback very much appreciated.