Memorable Intel Articles: Persistent Memory

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Updated 5/17/2018
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The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

Get Started With Persistent Memory

Watch this series of videos to learn about persistent memory programming and how to apply it to your application.

Memory over Fabric

Persistent Memory Over Fabric

Learn how to use persistent memory over fabric (PMOF) and why PMOF will become a key technology for cloud and high performance computing.

 Persistent Memory Development Kit

Persistent Memory Development Kit

This kit supports ten libraries targeted at various use cases for persistent memory. It also includes language support for C, C++, Java, and Python*, as well as documentation, code examples, tutorials, and more.

Non-Volatile Memory

Persistent Memory Programming Using Non-Volatile Memory Libraries

With persistent memory, data can be retained after a program crash or power failure. Watch the webinar replay and learn how to make your C++ application PMEM aware using non-volatile memory libraries.

Intel Inspector - Persistence Inspector

How to Detect Persistent Memory Programming Errors Using Intel® Inspector - Persistence Inspector

Persistent memory is an exciting new technology that presents some programming challenges. These challenges can be mitigated using tools like Intel® Inspector - Persistence Inspector, which allows you to discover issues such as caching earlier in the program life cycle.