Is Your Game Ready for 12th Generation Intel® Architecture?



The new 12th generation Intel® Core™ processors (formerly code named Alder Lake) offer developers an interesting performance hybrid architecture that combines two different core types: Performance-core (or P-core) and Efficient-core (or E-core). The cores work in tandem to provide the best overall performance in a given power range. When you optimize for the new hybrid architecture, you gain powerful new features that can make your game shine.


“Alder Lake brings up to a 28% improvement in games like Hitman 3* over the previous generation. Windows 11* is optimized for Alder Lake’s [Intel®] Thread Director feature, and DDR5 memory, which benefits games with its increased bandwidth. Our own benchmarks back up the improvements in games. For Time Spy*, the [Intel ®] Core i9-12900K [processor] was about 8% faster than the Ryzen 9 5950X*  and [Intel®] Core™ i9-10900K [processor]. In a real game, Forza Horizon 4*, the 12th gen chip managed a massive 16% lead over the other two processors.”

Digital Trends, January 20221

High-performance cores run at a higher frequency, which benefits your games by allowing an optimized system to run critical-path tasks as fast as possible. Make sure that the main thread, which usually includes a job manager, is fully aware of the new architecture and appropriately distributes tasks to the  P-core or the E-core cluster. 


Best CPU for PCs: Intel Leads the Way 

According to PC Gamer*, in early 2022 the two best chips for gamers were both from Intel. Leading the way is the Intel ® Core™ i5-12600K processor, which they called “the standout processor for gamers because it not only offers great gaming performance across the board, but it does so at a price point that isn't going to reduce you to tears.” And for enthusiasts, the preferred chip is the Intel® Core™ i9-12900K processor. “If you're building a high-end PC not just for high-end, 4K gaming, but for more serious pursuits like 3D rendering and video editing, then this is the chip for you. It's a powerhouse, no question about it,” PC Gamer said.3 

Industry Experts Hail New Architecture 

Analysts, influencers, and industry experts have made clear that the new technology from Intel is a game-changer. The following quotes come from the popular press: 

Intel® CPUs Gain Market Share in 2022 

As Intel’s new 12th generation Intel Core processors increase their market share, mastering Intel® CPU architecture and optimizing for performance on the new hybrid architecture becomes crucial for your future customers. For more information about adding code to your project to detect hybrid CPUs, see the Game Dev Guide for 12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor


Download the Manual Today 

To get your game fully optimized for hybrid cores, download the Game Dev Guide for the 12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor to learn how to configure your title to its best advantage. You’ll learn how to identify the given cores on any PC and use them appropriately.

Sample Application Code Guides Your Training 

Use Intel’s robust sample application and source code to become familiar with the coding decisions you may encounter when optimizing for hybrid architectures using P-cores and E-cores. Download the application and code from GitHub*

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