Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2024.1 Release



Say hello to some of the latest improvements for the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) tool suite and Intel® GPA Framework.

Graphics Frame Analyzer

Expanded Support for non-PSO states

In the Resources Pane you can modify non-PSO states like Shading Rate, Blend Factor, Viewport and Scissor Rect and immediately see the corresponding performance results.

non pso states list

Progress Indication for Exporting Metrics

Exporting metrics to a CSV file, especially for heavy workloads, can be time-consuming. To inform users of the export progress, we've implemented a progress indicator.

metrics export indication

Updated Metrics List Presets

The popup menu for Metrics lists Presets has been updated for better usability. User profiles are now clearly separated from system profiles, making it easier to navigate and select your preferred presets.

user's metrics preset

Intel® GPA Framework 

Shader ISA source code extraction for DirectX* 12 and DirectX* 11 applications

The GetShaderSource() function of the Metadata Extractor class now enables extraction of shader ISA code. Passing the constant api_types::GPA_SHADER_LANGUAGE_ISA to the requestedLanguage parameter, will return the shader ISA code through the source output parameter. Ensure to update your graphics divers to access the latest support.

auto const& shaderInfo = pipelineInfo->ppShaderInfos[0];
ShaderSource source;
metadataExtractor.GetShaderSource(*shaderInfo, GPA_SHADER_LANGUAGE_ISA, source);
cout << source.pFiles[0].pContent;

shader isa source code in gpa framework