Introducing Intel® Deep Link

Unlock new capabilities and performance, capitalizing on synergies between silicon and software.

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A future of 'no transistor left behind' for the PC, starts today.

With Intel Deep Link and Intel® Iris® Xe MAX graphics, applications can now unlock the full potential of the platform through; Power and performance sharing across processors for improved creation and gaming experiences, hyper encoding of media for faster video production and streaming, and additive AI in graphics enabling flexibility to break up workloads across multiple engines to run inference, render and transcode tasks.


At SplitmediaLabs* we are working on integrating Intel’s Deep Link technology into practically all our XSplit* branded applications. The ability to load balance across the two compute engines brings tremendous performance improvements to our products, which translates directly to improved user experiences. With Intel DL Boost available in both engines, we can in turn also offload AI processing to any of the engines depending on the usage by others applications. This will give us major advantages as all our XSplit products move to include AI workloads such web camera background removal.

Henrik Levring, CEO, XSplit

We are excited to see Intel becoming one of the major players in the discreet graphics space. We look forward to working together and optimize our video and photo editing software with Intel Deep Link for these new processors, and deliver enhanced performance to our users.

Dr. Jau Huang, Chairman and CEO, CyberLink* Corp

Topaz Labs* have integrated Intel’s Deep Link Technology into our Gigapixel AI* application, upscaling images up to 6X with AI adding detail and clarity. Intel Deep Link improved speed when processing multiple images. We are very excited about the prospects of joining Intel’s different compute engines together, to bring value to our users.

Albert Yang , CTO, Topaz Labs

Practice has proved that the Intel Deep Link technology can improve the performance and quality of Huya* game live broadcast usage. Intel has always been our best partner, and we looking forward more deep technical cooperation in the future.

Mr. Tan Shunwen, GM of Media center, Huya