Silent Installation Guide for Intel® Parallel Studio XE for macOS*

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Updated 3/13/2019
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* NOTE: The configuration format for this guide can be found in the “Configuration File Format” article.*

This guide provides details and instructions for the silent installation of the Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Editions for macOS*. Refer to the Intel® Parallel Studio XE Release Notes for general installation advice. 

Silent Installation Guide for Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for macOS* version 2019 


Silent Installation Guide for Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for macOS* version 2018 

Below are the steps you need to follow to install the Intel® Parallel Studio XE for 2018 Composer Edition for macOS* in silent mode.

Installation Steps

  1. Confirm that the userID for the installation has 'sudo' privilege.
  2. Use “Finder” to mount the *.dmg file (simply double click on the .dmg). If you are working from a terminal window, use the hdiutil command to mount the compiler installer disk image (.dmg).

hdiutil Example:

            a. cd into the following directory:                

               (i)  /Volumes/m_fcompxe_2018.u.vvv (for the Fortran Composer XE 2017)     

               (ii) /Volumes/m_ccompxe_2018.u.vvv (for the C++ Composer XE 2017)

            b. Mount the image by doing the following command:

               (i) sudo hidiutil attach m_fcompxe_2018.u.vvv.dmg

               (ii) sudo hidiutil attach m_ccompxe_2018.u.vvv.dmg

                                         ** ‘u’ is the update number, ‘vvv’ is the specific version. **

       3. Start a "Terminal" program from the Utilities group.

       4. Using "Terminal", change directory to the /Packages folder:


                a. cd /Volumes/m_fcompxe_2018.u.vvv/

                b. cd /Volumes/c_ccompxe_2018.u.vvv/

        5. Use 'sudo' to run the installer "" with the silent install options.

Usage:   ./ [OPTIONS]


      sudo ./ [-s][-f "license file or folder or port@host"] or [-sn "serialnumber"] -xd "xcode folder" -l "log file" -it "[1/2]" -sd "[yes/no]" -eula accept"


Required Options

  • -s : to indicate execute in silent mode
  • -l : [optional] to provide a install log file (created in the '/tmp' folder).  Do not use any path information, use simple name like 'install.log'.
  • -f : license file. Install silently using the license file provided on the command line.  Include the full path to the .lic license file on your system. Typically these are stored in the following directory: /Users/Shared/Library/Application\ Support/Intel/Licenses/<file>.lic
  • folder: Install silently using a valid license file from the designated folder
  • port@host: Install silently using the server license available at host.
  • -sn: Install silently using the serial number provided on the command line.
  • -eula: "accept" to confirm that you have read the End User Licensing Agreement and have accepted the license conditions.  By using silent installation, you must accept the EULA and by using the silent installation you have agreed to those terms.
  • -id <install_dir> "install directory", default install folder is /opt/intel.
  • Silent install utility installs all the packages bundled in the meta package.
  • To set the top level install folder for these packages one can use this option
  • -xd : "xcode folder" (provide Xcode IDE folder for compiler to be integrated with) /Applications/ for example or /Developer/XCode
  • -it: install type; (1) Command-line install (2) xcode integration (3) both

           User has option to install either command line alone and/or integrate with xcode IDE environment

           Default install type is 3.

  • -sd: indicates agreement to participate in Intel(R) Software Improvement Program, by default is "no"