The Ports of the Intel® Software License Manager

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Updated 7/24/2017
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The Intel® Software License Manager uses two ports to serve licenses - one for lmgrd (the main license service) and one for the INTEL vendor daemon.  Both ports must be open and not blocked by a firewall.

lmgrd - FlexNet daemon

This is the main process that controls license management, and is provided by FlexNet Publisher, formerly Flexlm.  The Intel Software License Manager uses port 27009* as a default to avoid conflicts with other vendors.  This can be entered through the Intel Registration Center during activation, or changed for activated licenses by following these steps.

INTEL - vendor daemon

This is the vendor daemon that serves Intel licenses.  When lmgrd is started or restarted, it starts the vendor daemon which determines a port to use.  At this time, the selected port number is displayed in the startup output, which is either written to a log file or stdout.  There is no additional reporting by the license manager utilities on this port, causing it to be overlooked. 

As firewalls have become more common, so have reports of issues stemming from the INTEL vendor daemon port being blocked.  Even if the port was not previously blocked, restarting the license manager can cause the port number to change and be subsequently blocked.  To determine the port number, run a command such as netstat and look for the INTEL daemon.

The INTEL vendor daemon port can be specified by modifying the license file.  Change the second line as follows:

VENDOR INTEL port=<port>

Take care in changing the license file, or you may invalidate it. 

Be sure to restart the license manager after any license file changes.

*the default for the lmgrd port was changed from 28518 to 27009 in July 2017, in order to comply with recommended guidelines.