MeshCentral2 - Email Server / DNS Multi-Tenancy / User's Guide

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Updated 1/3/2018
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It’s a new year and MeshCentral2 is moving forward with plenty of new features with the goal of having the first non-Beta version in the first half of this year. MeshCentral is an open source web based remote computer management web site. In the last month, many significant new features where added and an all new User’s Guide packed with installation and configuration help. New updates are released on NPM at a regular cadence (more than once a week). For this last month, here are the big improvements:

  • Email support, verification and account reset capability. This is one of these features that you wish you had implemented years ago. MeshCentral2 can now be configured with a SMTP mail server allowing it to send email messages. Then, we implemented email verification so that when you create an account, the server will send you an email to verify the account is attached to a correct email address. We also added account password reset support. Forgot your password? No longer a problem.
  • Multi-Tenancy support using DNS names. MeshCentral2 can be configured to act like many different server instances at once. This last month, we build on this with domain access using DNS names. You can setup two or more DNS names to point to the same IP address of MeshCentral. Depending on what name you use to access the server, you will see a different server instance with different TLS certificate, administrators, users and managed computers. Makes it easy for a single server to handle many customers.
  • Domain Controller Login. MeshCentral2 now supports user login using domain credentials. For this to work, the server must be installed on a Windows machine. Then, users never see the login page and are automatically logged in using their browser’s domain credentials. Makes MeshCentral2 perfect for intranet deployments.
  • All new MicroLMS re-implementation. As you may know already, MeshCentral2 makes heavy use of JavaScript in MeshAgent2 to sandbox and dynamically program and change the agent’s behavior. Bryan Roe last month re-implemented an Intel® AMT LMS clone in JavaScript to run in the MeshAgent almost completely without any native code (only MEI access is native). It made the new MicroLMS a lot smaller and simpler to change. More to come on this later…
  • All new MeshCmd. MeshCentral2 comes with its own command line tool that runs on Windows and Linux and performs many actions such as traffic routing, Intel AMT information gathering and Intel AMT MicroLMS. MeshCmd is now built-into MeshCentral2. The server uses the JavaScript runtime of MeshAgent2 to build MeshCmd on-the-fly as it’s being downloaded. So, MeshCmd will run on all platforms the MeshAgent2 runs on and offers a bunch of useful services that can be easily changed on the server.

MeshCentral2 is pretty sweet since it’s coded in JavaScript on the browser, server, agent and in tools. Except the agent itself, it’s one language across all components. Fully cross-platform in all cases. Many thanks to Bryan Roe that been working like crazy on the MeshAgent2 and making this possible. MeshCentral2 is still in beta and should not be used in production environments.


All new MeshCentral2 SMTP  server support for account verification and password reset.


You can point two or more DNS names to the same MeshCentral2 server and run many
separate instances of the server. Super useful for handling traffic for many customers.


All new MeshCentral2 User’s Guide. All you need to get a server installed, configured and running.
Plenty of configuration options including TLS offload, multi-tenancy, security settings and more.