How Do I Manage My Licenses?

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Updated 10/12/2017
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Follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to Intel Registration Center by entering your username and password.
  2. Click the Licenses view to see your current licenses.
  3. Select and expand a license to view the license details.
  4. In the Actions column, click the email icon to send a copy of your license to your email. Click the download icon to download the license file.
  5. Click the (…) and choose the Manage License option to manage the license.
    1. Manage the users associated with the license, such as the Owner, Administrator, and/or Developer(s) of a multi-user license 
    2. For a named-user license, Click the Rehost (refresh) button to ensure the license is up to date. 
    3. For a floating license, click the Rehost (refresh) button to review and update the host information
  6. Click the (…) and choose the Renew/Upgrade option for detailed information on support renewal prices, including resellers information. See our Purchase, Renew and Upgrade FAQ


Have questions?

Check out the Licensing FAQ
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