Terasic DE 10-Nano Development Board User Manual

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Updated 2/7/2017
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Atlas SoC Plus

The DE10-Nano Development Board User Manual provides a comprehensive guide to the DE10-Nano board's features and how to use them. 

Below is an overview of what the guide contains:

Introduction to the DE10-Nano

  • How to use the board's peripherals – interfaces connected to the FPGA (field programmable gate array) or HPS (hard processor system).

Using the DE10-Nano

  • Introduction to the DE10-Nano System Builder for creating custom design projects.

Examples for HPS SoC and FPGA

  • Examples of reference designs to demonstrate major features of the peripherals connected to the HPS or FPGA​. These include the LED/KEY and I2C* interfaced G-sensor for the HPS and A/D converter for the FPGA.

Communicate with the FPGA through the HPS (ARM processor)

  • Learn how HPS controls the FPGA LEDs

Program the Serial Configuration (EPCS) Device

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