Week 4 - Vitruvian VR: The Developers - Unreal Engine and the virtual world

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Updated 9/20/2018
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This week we have realized a short video where we talk about Unreal* Engine and the professionals who helped us develop the Vitruvian virtual world.

With the competences in the area of Francesca Scarpa (Artif) and Filippo Zordan (UnSquare Life), we've analyzed Unreal Engine, explaining it's main features and advantages as:

  • real time rendering
  • possibility to export for and from any kind of device
  • ideal for teamwork composed by different professionals
  • ideal for every kind of devices 

Artif of Francesca Scarpa is the company, who develop the virtual scenery for the simulator Vitruvian VR:  the people who will get in the simulator, could live a wonderful and immersive experience of virtual reality.

The main feature of our scenery is the photorealistic graphic, in fact the setting and the landscape are inspired by Italian Alps and this makes everything more curious and characteristic.

In the game, the flight area is few kilometers of valleys, the game level is initially low, the goal is pass in the middle of a cloud-circles positioned in the landscape. If the players is skilled, the difficulty becomes gradually higher.

When the player hits the ground, the game ends.

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