Week 6 - Vitruvian VR - The integration with different software

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Updated 10/3/2018
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What if we could use Virtual Reality to travel across space, visit other planets and increase the awareness of our position in the cosmos?

Streaming stars

Hi everyone!

For those who don't know, Vitruvian VR is the most state-of-the-art flight simulator today and it can support different software. This week we want to show you our last project: the Vitruvian Space Dive Version!

Thanks to the collaboration with Space Dive and Space Engine, we’ll be able to fly in the vastness of our universe.

Space Dive was born from the idea to exploit virtual reality to get experience that are impossible to get on planet earth.

Space Dive

Through the collaboration with Space Engine software, we are able to offer to our users the most sophisticated graphic of the cosmos available today.

Rings of Saturn

We are currently developing two different experiences: the first provides a guided tour of the solar system and beyond. It is conceived to expand our consciousness, to fly through our galaxy and come back with a new perspective on our planet: its beauty and at the same time its absolute fragility.

The second experience will fully exploit Vitruvian VR and Space Engine capabilities: users will be able to choose the preferred location, speed and direction. Sharing the experience in cosmic chases between more than one player could see the rise of a wholly new E-sport, hopefully bringing millions of viewers closer to the mysteries of our universe.

And now we pass the word to Giovanni Fantoni Modena, the creator of Space Dive, tell us about the project... We hope you enjoy it!



For more information please visit Vitruvian VR website: http://www.VitruvianVr.com