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This page contain a list of SYCL training resources that you should consider.

The Book

SYCL brings Data Parallelism to C++, so it is appropriate that the LLVM project to implement SYCL, and the book that teaches it, are both known by the name Data Parallel C++ (DPC++).

The PDF for the book is free.  All the source code (examples) are available from the Book's github.




Visit sycl.tech - a site that has emerged as an unequaled resource for SYCL programmers.


These tutorials offer online resources to help with self-learning.

  • Tutorials hosted by Intel's DevCloud offer great online training with access to any interesting assortment of hardware (for free); Note DPC++ is the project to implement SYCL in LLVM - so "Learn DPC++" fundamentally means "Learn SYCL."
  • SYCL Academy - code used in various tutorials (SYCLcon, ISC, CPPCON, and more); a great resource for learning and teaching both!
  • SYCL sessions - a set of talks, available for on-demand playback
  • Additional resources are listed on the Khronos SYCL Resources page.



These blog series offer additional insights into SYCL programming:


SYCL References

These additional items are useful references especially after you have read the book:

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