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Updated 9/12/2018
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Week 3

This week we are going to focus on our approach that we are taking to build our project. The language of choice with Unity is C#.Additional Mixed reality toolkit has been setup.

In this week we started with exploring the way we create different compounds in Chemistry. We searched a lot and finally decided on working on a model in which we can implement a rule engine for the challenge.

The first and the foremost we tried out some simple compounds such as H20 and different matching ways to make it more interesting.

We found out that the graphics integrated with Vega is very good. Some of the steps where we applied the c# rule engine is constructing the compounds as of now some simple compounds have been formed and used.


Unity* game engine

Coupled with Unity* and the Windows* mixed reality helps our job become much easier to start with. It gives us some pre-built tool to be worked upon.

The Mixed Reality Capability within the Game engine and the extension. It has got some good pre built examples to get your work started.













The video for the week

We have made a small video on how we are approaching the rule engine with Unity.It requires to get polished but still a progress

So the journey moves on again till we next meet.