Experience the Latest Optimized Creator Applications and PCs at Adobe* MAX

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Updated 10/24/2019
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Intel was excited to be back at Adobe* MAX this year showing off our latest technologies to some of the world’s top creators. Adobe unveiled their latest Creative Cloud* offerings at MAX and Intel had exhibited for over a decade with a slew of mobile and desktop PCs. Attendees  got their hands on these systems at the show to see just how fast and seamlessly they can do their creative work. We were also giving away the following awesome hardware in our daily raffles:

Acer* ConceptD* 7 laptop, Asus ZenBook* Pro Duo* laptop, Dell* XPS* 15 laptop, HP* Z4* workstation, Spectre* X360 mobile workstation and Dreamcolor* monitor, two MSI* P65 Creator laptops, and two Wavlink* Thunderbolt* 3 docking stations.

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The Intel + Adobe* Partnership = MAX Performance

Intel and Adobe have been working together for more than 20 years and Intel has a team of engineers working on several key Adobe Creative Cloud applications – making sure that Adobe software uses new Intel hardware and technologies in your Mac* or PC.

Multiple processor cores, Intel® graphics, and new artificial intelligence features are some of the key technologies Adobe has implemented in 2019. Adobe Lightroom* for example implemented Windows* Machine Learning (WinML) artificial intelligence tools that use Intel graphics to accelerate the demosaic function that enhances photos. Lightroom also saw large performance gains using multiple CPU cores thanks to optimization work done last year. Fast Intel® Core™ i9, Intel Core i7, and Intel® Xeon® processors are great tools for creators wanting to take advantage of the latest optimizations.

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Video formats and ‘codecs’ are also a key area Intel engineers work with Adobe on optimizing. At the NAB tradeshow Adobe launched an updated version of Adobe Premiere* Pro that uses Intel® QuickSync video to accelerate 4K HEVC video decode. Desktop and mobile users with PCs with Intel graphics will see a benefit from this enabling work.

Artificial Intelligence is more than a buzzword these days – it’s bringing real workflow benefits to creators. Intel works with Adobe Sensei* team to optimize using the latest tools such as Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit. Adobe just released two new features in Photoshop* Elements using OpenVINO™ CPU optimizations – Colorize Photo and Smooth Skin.

The latest Intel processors are great engines for PCs and workstations for creators, with several new high-end offerings just around the corner.

See This Partnership in Action

This year at Adobe MAX, Intel and its partners demonstrated a wide range of PCs and workstations for creators. What do they all have in common? These systems are powerful, offer gorgeous designs, and they are optimized to work great with the Adobe tools you use every day. There's a system to meet all your creative needs, from massive workstations for high-end rendering, to beautiful and powerful notebooks designed to help you “wow” in client meetings. You can check out the latest from Intel for creators here.