Intel® Optimizations for TensorFlow* and Scikit-learn* with oneDAL

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Updated 11/18/2020
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docker pull intel/intel-optimized-ml:tf-2.4.0-scikit-learn

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OS Target Version Size Updated Pull Command
Linux* x86_64 2.3 2.32 GB 2/2021 docker pull intel/intel-optimized-ml:tf-2.3.0-imz-2.2.0-scikit-learn
Linux x86_64 2.2 1.91 GB 11/2020 docker pull intel/intel-optimized-ml:tf-2.2.0-imz-2.1.1-scikit-learn


Intel® Optimization for TensorFlow* with Intel® oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library (oneDNN) and scikit-learn* with Intel® oneAPI Data Analytics Library (oneDAL) is a Docker* image configured with optimized machine-learning and deep-learning frameworks including the following optimized components:

  • Intel® Optimization for TensorFlow* with oneDNN
  • scikit-learn* accelerated with oneDAL
  • Intel® Distribution for Python*

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