Intel® Neural Machine Translation Inference Container for Marian* Framework

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Updated 11/9/2021
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Pull Command

docker pull intel/nmt_marian_framework_demo


The Docker* container comprises an optimally configured environment for the open-source Neural Machine Translation (NMT) Marian* framework.

The container includes a Clear Linux* based environment with the following components:

  • Marian* framework binaries & scripts: /nmt/marian
  • exemplary input data set: /nmt/data
  • pre-trained model: /nmt/model

The license files are located in the respective components’ directories.
The additional Docker container layer contains preinstalled numactl and parallel utilities distributed via the Clear Linux* bundle repository (please refer to for more details).

To install and run the container, use these commands: 

docker pull marian_nmt_demo
docker run  marian_nmt_demo

Documentation and Sources

Get Started 

Marian project web-page:
WMT’21 submission and result details:


This package is provided only as a research and benchmarking tool. It is not intended for use in commercial or production environments. The package should not be used for actual translation services as it relies on a model trained with usage of input datasets enlisted on EMNLP Conference website (“TRAINING DATA” section) that are known to have potentially significant biases that may adversely affect output. Please review the limitations and bias descriptions for the respective datasets to understand how these limitations and biases may affect the results generated by this model.  In particular, the model has the propensity to retain and magnify biases it inherited from any part of its training. This is concerning, since model bias could harm people in the relevant groups in different ways by entrenching existing stereotypes and producing demeaning portrayals amongst other potential harms.


Marian NMT framework and helper scripts are published under the MIT license. 

The pretrained models included are published under the CC-BY-4.0 license with attribution described in /nmt/model/license.txt


Legal Notice

By accessing, downloading or using this software and any required dependent software (the “Software Package”), you agree to the terms and conditions of the software license agreements for the Software Package, which may also include notices, disclaimers, or license terms for third party software included with the Software Package. 

The Marian NMT Framework and helper scripts are published under the MIT license.  The pre-trained models included in this package are published under the CC-BY-4.0 license with attribution described in /nmt/model/license.txt in the container.