Demonstration: Use an Intel® GPU and Software Stack for Media Delivery

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Updated 8/31/2020
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Media Delivery software stack

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This project provides samples to demonstrate the use of Intel® GPU in simplified real-life scenarios involving media streams delivery.

It leverages a software stack which consists of the following ingredients:

Each sample is available in a form of Docker* container which you need to build locally.

Provided samples focus on the key aspects of the proper Intel® software setup and integration with other popular tools you will likely use in your final product. We try to do our best to provide a configuration which will demonstrate the best quality and performance for Intel® GPU media stack.

Key topics covered:

  • Samples that demonstrate operations typical for content delivery network (CDN) applications such as video on demand (VOD) streaming using a NGINX* server
  • Reference command lines (for ffmpeg-qsv and Intel Media SDK native samples) tuned for the optimal quality and performance (for the showcasing scenario)
  • Quality and performance measuring infrastructure for data collection
  • Intel GPU performance monitoring

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Media Delivery software stack: How To


Media Delivery software stack: Video Performance

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Media Delivery software stack: Video Quality


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