Optimize Tensorflow* & oneDNN for Deep Learning

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Updated 6/15/2022
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docker pull intel/intel-optimized-tensorflow:latest

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Linux* x86_64 2.8 393.59 MB 3/2022 docker pull intel/intel-optimized-tensorflow:jupyter
Linux* x86_64 2.8 582.15 MB 3/2022 docker pull intel/intel-optimized-tensorflow:mpi-horovod
Linux* x86_64 2.8 583.5 MB 3/2022 docker pull intel/intel-optimized-tensorflow:mpich-horovod
Linux* x86_64 2.8 348.11 MB 3/2022 docker pull intel/intel-optimized-tensorflow-avx512:latest
Linux* x86_64 2.8 395.72 MB 3/2022 docker pull intel/intel-optimized-tensorflow-avx512:jupyter
Linux* x86_64 2.8 592.31 MB 3/2022 docker pull intel/intel-optimized-tensorflow-avx512:mpi-horovod
Linux* x86_64 2.8 585.62 MB 3/2022 docker pull intel/intel-optimized-tensorflow-avx512:mpich-horovod


Intel® Optimization for TensorFlow* is a binary distribution of TensorFlow with Intel® oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library primitives, a popular performance library for deep-learning applications. TensorFlow is a widely used machine-learning framework in the deep-learning arena, demanding efficient use of computational resources. To take full advantage of Intel® architecture and to extract maximum performance, the TensorFlow framework has been optimized using oneDNN primitives.

It includes the Python* 3 interpreter and Intel Optimization for Tensorflow. There are also additional container tags that include the following preinstalled libraries: 

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