Intel® Software Innovator Adrianus Yoza Aprilio: Growing the Developer Community in Indonesia

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Updated 11/27/2018
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Born into a computer-literate family, technology has always been a part of life for Adrianus Yoza Aprilio. As a fast learner and early adopter, he uses his skills to nurture a network of developers throughout Indonesia.

Tell us about your background and how you got started in technology.

My father is a computer retailer in Indonesia so I’ve been exposed to computers since a very young age. Growing up, computers and their components were like my best friends and kept me entertained for hours. I got my Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Surabaya, East Java and then I received a scholarship to pursue my Masters in Computer Engineering.

While finishing up my final year of graduate study, I joined Dicoding, an Indonesian startup that nurture developers through training courses, challenges, and networking events. I first learned of the Intel® Software Innovator program from Narenda Wicaksono, an Innovator and co-founder of Dicoding, and through him I met the former Developer Relations Manager at Intel Indonesia, Firstman Marpaung. They both encouraged my work on IoT projects and recommended that I apply to the Innovator program – I was accepted and became an Intel Software Innovator in 2016.

What projects are you working on now?

Currently I work full-time at Dicoding, studying data engineering and workflow. Mainly crunching Dicoding’s own data for insights and information needed by our team. Dicoding offers certification courses on the latest technologies and ensures graduates are competent coders ready to work.

I also offer consulting services to Neosky, a startup that is processing airplane data (ADS-B) using IoT devices, on how to comprehend their data. While I do not have an official role with Neosky, my undergraduate and graduate thesis work was related to using IoT devices and sensors for ADS-B processing which gives me a unique perspective to offer my experience and help them as a friend.

In my free time, I speak, advocate, and meet with IoT and developer communities throughout Indonesia. I believe that one of my roles as an Innovator is to share my knowledge and teach others so everyone can grow. I know that my role behind the scenes at Dicoding helps to do this, and advising/consulting others as well as my speaking engagements help to promote this belief as well. It’s important to me to encourage others and grow the developer community in Indonesia. 

Tell us about a technology challenge you’ve had to overcome in the past?

While I had the privilege to grow up among computers and technology, that isn’t the norm for most Indonesians. In Indonesia, we generally have to adjust and maintain our technology expectations, as devices are scarce and network infrastructure is only stable in large cities. Outside of Java and Bali, most Indonesians rely on mobile (2G/3G4G) to connect to the internet. As a developer, it’s an ongoing challenge to make devices and content accessible on slow and unstable internet connections.

What trends do you see happening in technology in the near future?

I’m fascinated to see how data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning change our everyday lives, making things easier. I’m also looking forward to seeing how virtual reality and augmented reality progress.

How are you planning to leverage Intel® technologies in your work?

I’ve used a lot of different Intel® IoT technology in my projects and next I intend to learn more about the Intel® AI and Data platforms and how I can make use of that technology for my own projects as well as in nurturing other developers.   

How can Intel help you succeed?

Intel is helping myself, and many Indonesian developers, by providing access to experience technology that previously we could only see in online videos. This access is extremely valuable as it helps us to understand, create, and innovate for ourselves and our communities.

Outside of technology, what type of hobbies do you enjoy?

I love traveling, eating, and meeting new people – it energizes me.

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