Sreeni Kothandaraman

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Updated 12/13/2019
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photo of Sreeni KothandaramanSreenivas (Sreeni) Kothandaraman is a principal engineer at Intel and co-manages the Graphics Processing Research team (formerly known as the Advanced Rendering Technology team). The team focuses on inventing, incubating, prototyping, and developing new technologies relevant to Intel’s visual and parallel computing solutions such as 3D graphics and compute for AI. Sreeni’s research interests are in compression, color management, image and vision processing, and control systems.

Prior to joining Intel, Sreeni worked in the strategic silicon and software architecture team at Microsoft* where he developed system-on-a-chip (SoC) and SoC component architectural guidance to enable co-engineering of software and hardware.

Prior to that, Sreeni worked at Texas Instruments* where he worked on multiple levels of the silicon-software stack ranging from transistor-level device physics to create one of the first commercial computational photography API and framework.

Sreeni holds patents in the areas of image processing, video bit rate control, CD and DVD file systems, and compressed audio CD players.

Sreeni is passionate about teaching STEM topics to students (grades 4-8) through LEGO* robotics.