Introducing the ChekiDinga : the idea and Team

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Updated 10/1/2018
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We are Cheki Dinga a team of graphic designers, game developers, User experience and design experts based in Nairobi Kenya.

Problem statement:

There is a growing number of Car dealership outlets in Nairobi and Similar Cities around the world. These dealers experience very high advertisement costs in print and electronic media, they also have inadequate staff with deep useful knowledge on the cars, their features.

Product Features:

Fully Immersive VR app, live the experience of trying new cars.

Ability to navigate through a Yard full of Cars, check them out, the interiors.

Best deals, best prices, after sales services, test drive.

Fully customizable interior and Infotainment systems with local and international tracks, songs pictures scenery etc.

Customers and Go to Market Strategy:

Our main customers are the Car dealership outlets in Nairobi. from statistics there are over 470 such outlets in Nairobi alone, each stocking an average of 30 cars in their Yards.

The final user of the app is the customers visiting the car dealership outlets to buy new cars,we aim to help them have an in depth, fully immersive experience VR experience so he can see the available cars, features, best deals and quickly make an informed decision before making a purchase at the same time have fun and be entertained.

We aim to work with global car brands such as Range Rover, Mercedes, Volvo, etc., to help us kickstart and use the App in their showrooms also.

Vision and Mission:

We have a vision of bringing a powerful and deep user experience, register and partner with 10-15 Car dealers around Nairobi and a mission of Helping these car dealers drive more sales, get customer feedback, entertain customers and help them make easy and quick well informed decisions before purchasing new cars.


The Team


Bob Afwata - a software innovator with Intel, a firmware engineer, passionate about new technology always tinkering and building cool projects with Hardware Arduino, raspberry pi. He is also a very active community leader in Nairobi, a global speaker in conferences. In his spare time Bob likes hanging out with friends and watching Sci-fi movies.

Benard showcasing his bus transport app.


Benard Adongo - Is our lead developer and programmer. Benard has a vast experience with over 10 years app development .He has previously worked as a Senior Software engineer at BRCK and built an app for public. transport around Nairobi


Patricia enjoying playing with the VR kit.

Patricia Chebet - Head of Product, Marketing and User Experience at ChekiDinga. She holds a masters degree from Strathmore Business School in Nairobi Kenya. During her free time she loves doing research on makeups Industry in Kenya, opportunities and how she can leverage them.


George in white Tshirt with another nerd friend.


George Ouma - C# guru, former student ambassador with Intel who during that time, trained, mentored many developers on Intel technologies such as RealSense, Native App development, HAXM, Cordova, XDK ,Intel Galileo and Edison etc. He has worked on enterprise software for over 4 years helping businesses grow their revenues.


Mukira Gitonga aka Roger - Mukira is a nerd, a programmer and an entrepreneur and Cofounder of an IoT company called Chimera IoT, He loves working with new technologies and sharing memes online.

We would really love to thank the amazing folks at Intel; Eric Mantion Wendy Boswell, Robert "Bob" Duffy, Roy Allela and Microsoft and Caffeli Competitions for the wonderful presents and support and believing in our idea - we love you guys!
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